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    If you were the owners would you trust Roy to spend your money in January

    hi guys well the title askes the question and looking from the outside i dont think i would trust him after his summer buys??

    your inside thoughts???

    if you dont trust him what would you do?
    1) get rid go with interim untill summer?
    2) get rid and re appoint a manager now? who is out there?

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    • Well lets be truthful here, has he really done that bad? No not really.

      The only buy he made when he actually had decent money to spend was once Mascherano has been sold and he bought Meireles who was a great buy imo.

      All of the other signings were made before Mascherano was sold, therefore, he was was working on a very tight budget.

      Shelvey and Jovanovic were signed before Roy joined the club so they cannot be attributed to him. Even though Wilson arrived after him that deal was already in the pipeline so we wont include him either.

      That leaves Jones, Poulsen, Cole and Konchesky.

      Firstly, Jones isn't so much a bad buy but an unneccessary one but maybe Roy just felt that the young lads we have in reserve are just too young to shoulder the burden of being Pepe's number two. Not a bad buy.

      Poulsen was a bad buy but I think Roy has realised this and that is why he is hardly getting a game. I say fair play to Roy for realising his mistake and not persisting with a bad player just to try and prove a point like some managers would do.

      The majority of fans were ecstatic that we signed Cole so I don't think Roy can be slated for signing him. It was touted as being the signing of the summer so I don't blame Roy for it not quite working out just yet.

      That leaves Konchesky. Whilst not being a great player I think we, including Roy, see him as a stop gap signing until we can get a top notch left back. Maybe he banked on Aurelio getting fit a bit quicker.

      So overall, I would call it 50-50 but he did get it right with the one big signing he made, Meireles.

      Now I am not the biggest fan of Roy but that doesn't mean people need to talk rubbish regarding his tenure at the club. Now if the owners don't trust him to spend their money they need to get rid now as we can't go through another transfer window not bringing in top notch reinforcements. However I think they will trust him and he will be here until the end of the season so we all need to quit the b1tching and get behind our club.

      Lets see how Roy does when given a decent kitty. He has shown in the past that he can make a decent signing, after all I am sure we would all love to have signed Brede Hangeland.

    • In this case, I think you have to address his summer signings with a realistic perspective. Most people would say that our squad was a little light at the moment so depth certainly needed to be added at what evidently was a shoestring budget.

      Raul Meireles - The one time Roy gets proper money he gets us a fantastic player who I can honestly say I prefer to Mascherano. Not to mention he represented a £7.5m saving.

      Paul Koncheskey - His mum wants to watch her mouth ;) Hes not very good to be fair but he has cost us 2 youth players who werent realistically going to impact our 1st team anytime soon.

      Fabio Aurelio - Has been injured up till now and I think his impact will be very positive over the remainder of the season.

      Christian Poulsen - No arguments from me here, this guy is pony. He does have a good pedigree and when we made the signing, I was reasonably happy.

      Joe Cole - I dont think anyone thought this was bad business and im sure we are yet to see the best.

      Aqua and Insua - From what I gather, Aqua demanded 1st team football and Roy couldnt promise anything so he asked to leave. Insua had already decided to go before Roy got there.

      I think its a hard question to answer but I guess you have to trust him otherwise they may as well have sacked him already. If he can bring in half the players being banded around then I would be happy. Please dont bring Carlton Cole anywhere near us!

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      • We keep Woy and we finish mid-table. So if that’s our target, the keep him. If not send him packing….give KK the team till the summer. As for the players that he brought in, I give him credit for only one signing and that’s Meireles. The other players, I can’t distinguish them from a bar of soap….including Joe Cole. I don’t see what people see. Maybe it’s because he is English and there were issues with the quota system. Otherwise on a normal day, I would not look at him. If he was that good, do you think Chelsea would have let him go? And that’s a team that we should be competing against. I have watched Aqua playing and just like with Alonso, you can only regret sending him away on loan.

        If you give Woy the money, he will bring in Zamora, Calton Cole and or Clint Dempsey. Watch this space.


    • Think the 2 options you present actually put things into perspective. Even for those who think we should get rid of him and appoint a new manager, with the possible exception of Dalglish (who I think based on the fact he did not fight for the job over the summer, does not want the position) there is no one who is both available, and wants it, who is likely to do a better job.

      Therefore the only other option is to appoint a caretaker, but to be honest I think that is what Roy already is, so why change for changes sake?

      Actually based on his transfer record I don't have huge worries about Roy (about his match record I do). What looks to be his only planned by, Meireles looks like it was a decent buy, and based on what was spent, maybe a great buy. The rest have not really impressed, but both Konch and Poulson I see as fillers where he got what he could on very limited budget, Jova was in the pipeline and worth a punt, and Cole was a low risk punt. So all in all not great, but not bad either.

      So put things in perspective, I'm not expecting greatness in Jan (Jan rarely delivers great players) but slight improvement, which is no better than a caretaker can expect.

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      • Dave, Kenny did put his name forward for the job. It was pretty well documented, he was even quoted as saying he had requested to be considered for the post but the board told him that they didnt want him because they had a longer term job in store for him, whatever that means.

        We have never been linked with so many different players before, I know these windows normally create drama and nonsense but im pretty sure something will happen.

    • Colin I will reply in as many words as I want thank you very much. When have I ever said I would be against the appointment of Kenny? Like I said before, come on show me...you can't! So again, stop trying to put words in my mouth. I never said that, all I said was change the record, it's always, "get rafa down the road...appoint king kenny now" or "get woy down the road...appoint king kenny now". You would have been saying the same thing if we had Mourinho, Van Gaal or Hiddink as manager!

      This discussion isn't about sacking "Woy" or bringing in Kenny it is about whether I would trust "Woy" to spend some cash. Based upon the fact that the one signing he made with decent money was a good one and that Damien Comolli will have a big influence means I want to see cash spent this January. In fact we need it if we want to get back into the Champions League, regardless of who the manager is. It's not a matter of trusting Roy or not, its what needs to be done.

      As for your question, would I be against Kenny taking over? No. Simple enough for you?

    • Colin, I know you posted this question for Daniel, but think I'll take a stab at it. But first I need to understand why if someone actually thought appointing Dalglish was not a good idea why that should be considered heresy? Surely that is just opinion.

      Now to set the record straight, I think you know very well I was against Rafa leaving the club, so while his time may have been up, all things being even, I think we would be better off right now if Rafa had been retained as the gaffer.

      However, once Rafa left KK was my first choice, as I felt he'd be the best man, both available, and most likely willing to take the job. At the very least relative to Roy, I would have preferred Kenny.

      But, I'm not so sure I was right anymore! It seems clear to me, either Kenny did not want the job, or at least did not want it back in the summer when the club was in limbo due to the ownership mess. Therefore I'm not sure why it’s clear he'd be the man for the job now.

      Call me a heretic if you like (I've been called worse) but I'm just not sure that it’s a good idea to try and turn back the clock. KK has been a great, maybe the greatest servant to the club, both as a player, and a manager, and also in the role he plays now which is a larger than life ambassador. But unless he really wants the job, so much it’s burning inside him, so much he'd have fought the board for it, I’m just not sure he is the right man for job.

    • Dave, like Hobs said, I remember reading that story early on about the board telling KK that they had a bigger role in a wider spectrum for him at the club. I guess that defines his embassador-esque role...

      I also think, that despite how much he really may have wanted it, this may pain people to hear it, but there was a chance with this crop of players and the expectations we set, he could have been set up for the same type of start Roy's had. I know it's not likely, or an exact science in saying that, but what if.... we were sitting on less points right now? How would people react to the thought of sacking Kenny or speaking negatively about him? He would have won the team over in the beginning if nothing else, with the "Kenny" factor, but at the end of the day, can he make Kuyt and Maxi run any faster, make Kyrgiakos defend any better, or injured players heal any faster? (FYI Kenny was my first choice, aside from Jose', who's completely unrealistic)

      That would be an almost worse dilemma, and again I know it's unlikely, but the ball is round and the day is long, anything can happen and perhaps Broughton and co., felt it better to protect Kenny and remember him in his brightest days.. Plus if he's out there helping scout players and bring their attention to sign with LFC, isn't that doing almost as good a job?

      Just some points, I am in no way bad mouthing KK. He's a legend and I never had the pleasure of seeing him play or coach, but reading and knowing is enough for me...

    • It’s a good point Jason, and while all is speculation does seem quite plausible. As Kenny was my hero growing up, I personally would hate to see him fail, not because of any of his own faults, but because he just would not have the tools needed for success. As you say, with a negative transfer fund back in the summer, and our expectations always being so high, any coach would have had a difficult time the first half of the season.

      I have a similar, and I think also plausible theory for what might have transpired over the summer. I see Kenny as someone who literally bleeds red and would do anything for our club. So while I don't necessarily dispute his desire to manage us again, I think he would always put the club in front of his own desires. As a player he could be a selfish striker but always put team first. On the pitch you can see that how he became the ultimate supplier rather than scorer himself later in his playing days. Off the pitch you can see that with the dedication he put in managing the club, to the point that I really think it took a personal toll following Hillsborough, and even to this day not only being an ambassador for the club, but the obvious passion he has not just the club, but his ongoing efforts to support, defend, and fight for the families of the 96, who he see's as his family, fellow reds.

      To that point it’s not surprising that he'd volunteer his services to serve the club yet again, but I think he'd step aside if he felt he was not the best choice. It’s not about Kenny Dalglish, it’s not about ego's, its about something much, much bigger than that, its about Liverpool Football Club.

      While I can't remember exactly the quotes his son gave the Tampa newspaper, but if memory serves it was about how Kenny felt that there was no one of the quality needed that was willing and available that could do the job which led him to put his name forward. Whether he felt he was better suited for the job than Roy, either now, or back in the summer only he knows. All we can do is speculate.

    • daniel b...would u be FOR KK taking over as Boss now ? I understand perhaps u are tired of hearing the same request from me for KK to be appointed now but feel it is very presumptious of u to assume that I would be making the same request were Morinho Hiddink or Van Gaal were to be appointed....putting words in your mouth? Kettle calling pot... ?
      I realize we both have the interests of the club at heart and one of my primary reasons for calling for the appointment of KK is because he is already on the clubs books he asked to be considered for the job before Woy was appointed and I believe he is the right man for the job. I believe he would reinstate our true STYLE of PASS AND MOVE !!! No more of this Woy/Beneathus shyte moving the ball back and forth deep in our own half sideways backwards back and forth then hoof it up the middle in the hope that a lone Torres might latch on to it or Cara and Lucas engaging in a series of short back and forth passes before one or the other hoofs it down the wing and out of play....this is rubbish foisted on the fans by these two incompetent clowns the board have been stupid enough to appoint as managers of our great club.
      I believe in activism and consider my incessant opposition to the IRWTB and Benitez himself in some small way played a part in getting rid of the clown...I will continue to call for the immediate appointment of KK and just hope more on this board and other Liverpool forums feel the same way and become activist for the appoitmant of KK....Somehow if it happened Im not the type of person to crow over it and say TOLD YOU !...Rather I would be content to know you were with tens of thousands of others roaring your throat hoarse in greeting of our new Boss when he strode out onto the Anfield turf and made his way towards THE KOP to salute his adoring fans.

    • dsteer...First let,me say Im relieved u arent frothing at the mouth over the rumour that Fat-Lad has been sacked and suggesting his reappointment at Anfield....I used the term :heretic: as something of a joke believing that the orthodox opinion was that KK could do no wrong and it was heresey to criticise the man....I never imagined it would be taken literally by such serious minded types as u self and Daniel B....Little bit of humour it seems can go a long way on this board ...lol
      Its obvious Woy is well out of his depth at our club , why give him money to spend appoint KK now and give it to him to,spend. iVE LIKE mEREILLES ALL ALONG BUT COME ON LOOK HOW MUCH HES WASTED ON pOULSEN Konchelski Jones not to mentionthe Joe Cole thing and his guaranteed 90,000 a week salary. His tactics are almost a carbon copy most of the time of the super cautious cr@p Beneathus had us using. Its timpe for a new broom and KK WILL supply it he will clear out ALL the deadwood brought in by thesetwo incompetent clowns and start to rebuild our great club in hisown image ...one of real STYLE !!!

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