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  • navysealsrule navysealsrule Dec 22, 2010 07:24 Flag

    benetiz has been sacked its official


    as of tonight benetiz is unemployed


    YNWA 96

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    • All I can say is that I knew that he would never get the same latitude that he got at Liverpool. He should have been sacked much earlier than he was at Liverpool, but 6 months???? Thats a bit extreme even for Italy. As for all the ones who are crying out for his return to Anfield, all I can say to you is you need to up your medication. He is gone and he will never come back, and I am still ok with that. Woy is doing what he was supposed to do. Steady the ship. Rafa would hole it quicker than you can blink.
      Anyway, my compatriots at arms. A merry Xmas to you all and I will see you all next year.

    • Yes and according to the media Benitez is in the city of Liverpool.. so I wonder....

    • Inter have done what should have been done after third season with us. Very lucky to win CL, football was crap, bought some shite, any good one's he bought he sold again. Tosser wanker hate the fucking sight of the twat. He'll never get back.

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      • Wow someone has a strong opinion here, did he take your sweeties?

        Actually amazing even with the benefit of hindsight you still think he should have been sacked after the 06/07 season. Suppose you would rather he did not contribute what he delivered in seasons after that? Just for example, would rather we had a different gaffer who did not bring Torres to the club?

    • I know this maybe interesting to some, but for how long is Rafa considered LFC discussion material? Those who want to keep up a bash Rafa theme really need to ether get over it, join the Inter discussion board, or ask Yahoo to start a board dedicated to Rafa Benetiz.

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      • Well well well... a fleeting visit from the glorious surroundings of my new abode on beutiful Lake Como and what do i find.. STEER the board laughing stock and class CLOWN trying to call the shots on his hero hahahahaha

        Keep sucking on those sour grapes steer you utter cretin!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Who the f*ck are YOU to tell the board about discussing RAFA you two-faced pric)k... only a few months ago it was YOU who was crowing about how well he was doing and that you STILL wanted him at LFC LOL... and now he has FAILED at INTER (in record time) LFC fans can't talk about it because it has made YOU look an even bigger MORON than already know you to be bald eagle....

        By Steers logic you cannot talk about anyone no longer involved with the Liverpool... unless it doesn't make him look like a complete tw@t... ahahahahahaha


        "Rafa is a master tactician" - DSTEER

        P&S - STILL outting the plastics and parasites on YOUR behalf.

    • If it's in favor of Rafa returning in his place, not any time soon.

      Blackpool is threatening to be postponed.. IF that happens how do you sack a manager not coaching a game in 3 weeks, and just a week before the window?

      NO to Benitez. He wanted full control of everything when he left, and demanded the same at the 5 trophy winning Inter and was sacked again. He would be complete opposite of how NESV operate their approach along with Commoli and Roy..

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      • i don,t want him back either jason but the papers seem to be tilting him towards a return to liverpool fc they did predict him leaving inter and on skysports tonight he was giving an interview from his home in merseyside

        all speculation i know but stranger things have happened and remember there are fans out there that will back rafa to the hilt porbably more than don,t want him back

        if it happens it happens what can we do about it

        YNWA 96