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    Poll - Who is better Rafa or Woy?

    Don't comment, just vote Woy or Rafa.....

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    • Rafa is much better..

    • rafa is number one and roy is second best

    • what a choice!!! but its got to be Rafa........not very inspiring but Woy is very uninspiring and clueless to boot

    • rafa based on his stats and win to games played ratio

    • Dave, all fair points and valid ones. But just a few comments I have to add.

      Xabi Alonso did say the pursuit of Gareth Barry was the primary reason for him asking to be transferred last summer. If Rafa had been successful he'd had bought Barry and sold Alonso to Madrid anyways, don't know about you, but Alonso is twice the player Barry is, both domestically and internationally. Alonso was happy at Liverpool, he visits matches all the time. Rafa bought Aquilani to replace him and I cheered for the kid alot, still kind of wonder, but that didn't nearly work out.

      As for Masch, he was very loyal to Rafa which is why I said maybe anothser season, because his rumblings of family issues started earlier than thi while Rafa was in charge and the relationship is probably what kept him over Alonso. Please to anyone who reads this, take it for face value, but the Argentinian players don't really seem to enjoy their time in England, except Maxi and Zabaletta ... not world beaters... Masch and Tevez were and are completely miserable, so that was going to come to an end one way or the other. Rafa tried grooming Lucas into a role to play like Masch, and he never was nor never will be. He's actually turned into a nice midfielder but is a tweener between cm and cdm, and looking at his background, he was attacking young player of the year in Brazil, so Rafa actually stunted his growth which is why so many have hated him, and now Roy's turned him good.

      In Meireles, I'm not sure how much you watch of him internationally or may have seen at Porto, but he is certainly not the destroyer that Masch was, but thats exactly only what Masch was. Meireles plays CDM in a 4-3-3 for Portugal and at Porto with wildly reckless attacking players with no track back or defensive effort, namely Ronaldo and Nani. He puts in slide tackles as much as needed, but like you say, I liken him more to Alonso with the passing and shooting, though he has the athleticism of Masch. I see him as a 2 for 1... allowing Lucas or Gerrard, or even a new recruit to play right next to him and not miss a beat.

      As for Glen, the home grown quota I get, but in 2 seasons he has proven injury prone, very streaky, a bit unstable, and has 4 goals, 3 assists to boot with his sub par defending. I have no problem with Kelly over him, and in Arbeloa's last season I THINK he had a goal and couple of assists and was solid defensively, not to mention he had a good connection with Torres..

      Riera, while never great, and inconsistent, gave us a decent left wing and often put on some nice displays getting past people, crosses and chipped in a few goals. He's hardly a household name, but check his stats he's got a few goals and assists... and we've got 0 from a true left winger.

      Yossi, I feel there is little need to defend him, and it's terrible he was injured for Chelsea as I wished him well. BUT while never a true winger, or blessed with size, speed, strength or anything, he was " the little engine that could", and he scored countless important goals, not to mention always made his marker move backwards with his dribbling, and I can't think of how many times he got into the box and pulled out a clever cut back or dummy for Torres mainly, or someone else to finish. I think he had 9 goals last year? Don't know the assists, but he is sorely missed and of all these names mentioned I'd give us 4-6 additional points on our tally based on chipping in a couple of goals and assists.

      Rafa, I just think he was a bit arrogant and last year was a show that it doesn't work this way in England. Again, I'm thankful for all the great memories Rafa produced, and everyone knew in our day, he'd get that result over Barca, Inter, Chelsea, Real etc., but he was just not a man manager nor as shrewd in the market as is needed. I'm not suggesting Roy is both or either...

    • Raffa on his record as a manager all round not only at liverpool

      but I dont feel you should have him back

    • Rafa..........

    • Rafa for me

    • Roy Evans

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