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  • Jason Jason Dec 30, 2010 06:14 Flag


    I think I'm taking a temporary leave of absence from the boards after this... I couldn't have fathomed this result in my worst nightmare and feel like I've been karate kicked in the stomach

    Roy OUT
    Kyrg OUT
    Konchesky OUT
    Cole OUT
    Glen OUT
    Kuyt bench
    Lucas bench
    Ngog bench

    We're better off playing a 3-2-1
    Kelly Skrtel Agger
    Gerrard Meireles

    Tactically, morally, emotionally, mentally, physically and every other lly, outclassed by WOLVES.

    Good bye for now friends...

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    • So you would keep Martin Skrtel?. Funny he has cost us more goals this season than any other defender and is a full blown accident waiting to happen. Nothing more than a gung ho defender clearly out of his dpeth with limited ability, suited to the likes of Wimbledon FC of the 80s.

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      • Not sure if the Skrtel question was for me or another poster, but for as bad as he's been lately, he was still the best defender of the 4 we had out there yesterday... And, I don't think it's accurate he's cost the most goals since Kyrg gifted yesterday's, was constantly chasing the play, and gifted the first as well at Newcastle.. He should be 4th choice striker for 87th minute sub

        Konchesky, we might as well play without a left back..

        Glen, he doesn't get forward, and seems inconvenienced by having to play, let alone saving a ball from crossing the line..

        And, just of note, Carra has an own goal and conceeded 2 pks so, to be quite honest while he might be the best, they all need replacing, while danny agger, danny wilson and martin kelly sit on the bench collecting dust..

    • Jason, know how you feel mate, although actually a swift karate kick to the gut right now might make me feel just a little better.

      No way to explain last night, nor many of the performances this season, so no point really trying. However, sayings come to mind, "a good manager does not turn bad over night", but nor do good players. Therefore either our manager is not good, our players are not good, or both.

      I guess take your pick, although if this is the best he can get out of what should be considered some very decent players, many whom have been considered world class, but at the very least many who are regulars in their national set up's. I got to think I'm leaning toward the first saying being a bit off.

      Credit to Wolves, they had a game plan, and they stuck with it. Pressed from the off, and would not sit back and allow us to get into our rhythm. However a side with as much class as we should have should have a plan b, at least be allowed to switch up a system to allow the creative players to have a go when the original plan is obviously not working. But the best we got was Babel to inject some speed so he could chase some long balls, which only resulted in a slew of off side calls, as a manager of a team sitting on the basement floor of the table has enough gray cells to work out how to adjust to our tactics, so why can’t our gaffer.

    • We need to do a huge clearout at LFC I've been saying this ever since Rafa was in charge.. to get rid of all the mediocre and average players..

      We've more mediocre players at LFC than I can remember..

      Little wonder we play so badly.. It's not fair on Torres & Gerrard to carry the team..

      We're pretty much a 3 man squad Reina, Torres & Gerrard..

      The rest aren't fit to wear the famous LFC strip..

      Carragher needs to be moved into coaching asap.. he should be the defensive coach with all the expereince he has..

      He shouldn't be playing anymore as he's too old and slow..

    • Wretched, pathetic display. No guts or heart, no clue or tactical awareness = no point carrying on.

      I remember watching our display against FC Rabotnicki (won 2-0 at home, not the best display) and some fool on This Is Anfield said Hodgson was the new Paisley. Please make yourself known so I can come round and slap your stupid face...

    • You sound as upset as me Jason, Don't worry Roy will be gone befor to long (i hope and pray) keep the faith my friend.

      Loved your lly's.

    • I won't be getting rid of this avatar any time soon either...as far as I'm concerned the Yanks have 'til Jan 2nd to convince me they mean business.

      That means a new manager, transfer funds and plans for the redevelopment of Anfield. As they have 'give up' on the season already (again - domestically), they can use the next 5 months making plans for the future.

      (After tonight I wonder if there is one)