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  • Jason Jason Jan 5, 2011 10:46 Flag

    Gerrard & Torres..

    I really hope I'm not wrong in starting this thread, but I'm sick of being negative and need something to lift myself up, plus just the thought that Roy is contemplating not starting either or both of them nearly has me pulling my hair out... I can't take it..

    Anyways, I've just seen a video 1:40 in length of coverage from both Blackburn and Liverpool camps. Liverpool footage showed Gerrard and Torres training and doing drills at full speed, the commentary said Gerrard has reached full fitness and Torres also looks set to start. Torres was even laughing when talking to Hodgson (Roy probably told him about a game he won in Finland 30 years ago, and Torres told him he held the European and World Cup).

    The report said that Blackburn will also be without as many as 10 players including Emerton and Kalinic, with Salgado and Samba likely to return.

    All things considered this is promising to me, and instead of all the bs we've been reading today, I'm going to take this report seriously, until I see otherwise on my tv tomorrow.

    Walk On Stevie and Fernando!!!!

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    • Roy probably told him the last time he won an away match. Thats why Torres is laughing lol.

      We really need to get in a good performance tonight and get three more points on the table. Hes got to start looking at these sort of games as winable games or else whats the point.

      Lets hope the owners see sence and get rid. As if we loose AGAIN tonight he really has to go imho.

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      • Not being funny but if you take a look at Torres home and away form it pretty much coincides with our opposing form. I hope they both start, I think we could have the game put to bed within an hour. Salgado playing means we should really be slipping Ryan or Jovanovic out on the left hand side, he would get absolutely murdered. Expect to see a technical battle between him and either Joe Cole or Maxi then.......