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  • Imran Imran Jan 6, 2011 16:58 Flag

    Christian Purslow - Thank you...

    ... for being the only caretaker chairman in football to make a non-football decision in appointing Hodgson as manager. Why make an appointment based on your media contacts? I thought the media were supposed to report on the football, not influence decision making at boardroom level.

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    • Purslow's decision to appoint Hodgson has left us playing catch up but with Kenny in charge there's a chance to make up some ground.

    • I get the feeling that if FSG could wait until the summer to sack
      Hodgson & not spend in January then they would. Not because they're being cheap but because they want to foster a long term attitude without any short term, knee-jerk decisions being taken. However any unresolved problems for this season will usually end up carrying themselves over to the next season if they don't act decisively now.

    • My feeling is they'll sack Hodgson very soon indeed.

      They'll offer Dalglish the job but only until the summer.

      They'll then hire or try to hire Deschamps and he'll be they're future.. and legacy...

    • You're right, FSG want to plan for the future & can't do that with Kenny in charge. But if the ship isn't steadied in the way it should have been, when Hodgson was made manager, then we'll be even further behind with the majority of our best players having already left. So many considerations for FSG to take account of but for now the leaks need to be plugged.

    • You'd have thought so wouldn't you?

      Worse still Henry & NESV (FSG) relied on Purslow's advice when taking over.. according to what I read..

      Instead of Henry installing their own chosen manager before the season started..

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      • To be fair to FSG this is their first acquaintance with football. However, because it's LFC, they're coming into the biggest community football club in the World with a history of success and tragedy. To their credit they've taken their time in working to understand the Liverpool ideology, something which Purslow dismissed when he not only didn't appoint Kenny as manager but appointed Hodgson instead, based on his media contacts.

        My take on this is simple. If you've got the slightest inkling about Liverpool's history, as Purslow said he did when becoming chairman, then you would know how much Kenny means to the club.

        But forget all that. I've got an even simpler take on this situation. If Purslow was doing his job properly, Hodgson would never have gotten thru the door. I don't blame Hodgson, I blame Purslow.