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  • Jason Jason Jan 9, 2011 02:47 Flag

    Ticket Question

    The appointment of Kenny Dalglish has completely revived me and my enthusiasm towards the club and this season regardless of the outcome, so I am booking my trip to visit!

    Can anyone recommend me any good, reliable sites to buy tickets from? I've come across a few and I would like to make sure I get a reliable source.

    Hopefully by the time I arrive to Anfield for my very first time, we will actually be in search of something and playing attractive football like I've only seen in videos...

    Thanks friends.

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    • Some travel companies (like Thomas Cook) do ticket packages though how lucky you would be getting a ticket for one of the biggest matches of the year is anyones guess. Not to mention how expensive it would be.

      Your pretty stumped getting one through official channels unless you have membership, then you might only have a very small chance of getting one in the ballot. There is a chance sometimes to get one via the contact page on the official site, but probably not for the mank game.

      I'd be careful getting one off the multitude of websites out there as some are obviously fake. If you find a website do a google check to try and find out how honest it is.

      I would check with your local supporters club (wherever you are) and try and organise one through them, you might find they'll be able to sort you out or point you in the right direction.

      If you have any difficulty re-post another topic (with your location) and i'll try and track the club down for you.

      Good luck

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      • Thanks E, and others for the helpful suggestions. And to the uneducated Manchester fan for looking even more stupid than you are..

        I'll just reply back to this thread when I start narrowing down some websites that look reliable and see if you all don't mind giving more feed back...

        I'm also thinking of mailing my mate in Merseyside a check so he can maybe just purchase tickets for me, that might be easiest.

        Thanks again.


    • try google mr r hodgeson.

      might get a car park pass going cheap.

    • ah, the typical liverpool supporter.

      from a distance.

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      • Maybe since you said that, after 9 years supporting the club, I'll just stop, ignore my favorite players and history, and join the bandwagon like the rest glory hunters here in states who know nothing about anything.. and started supporting Man U when Ronaldo was still there... (they also think he's their all time leading scorer) Real supporters they are..

        BTW, I give Berbatov a 8/10 on that dive.. his landing was poor.

    • JASON....I have been calling in posts on thisboard for three seasons now for the appointment of KING KENNY .... and now hes HERE !!! So lets forget about the wasted years under Houllier and Beneathus lets hope we never see another post on this board mentioning the latters name. Kenny cannot be expected to work miracles overnight but be sure he WILL return the clubto its real STYLE of... Pass and move!!! Support u team mates ! He needs time to assess just whho should be down the road and who shoyuld be kept on but he is make no mistake a xcanny and ruthless Scot who will sort out the worthless salary-mercenaries on our books from the badge players and thats what we will be left with badge players who will run through brick walls for the man. Remember he is also very familiar with what of our youth sides are ready to step up so expect to see the bench filled with real prospects. ALL HAIL KING KENNY !!! Long may HE reign over us.

    • You wanting a ticket just for the game or one with the full works mate?.

      I have a friend that flies over from New Zealand twice a season and he swears by these only due to them been a brand name.


      If you are thinkng of flying over and sorting out your own accommodation then sign up on the Ofal for the 'All Red Membership' you can pick tickets up on the day of the game.

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      • My friend and I are planning to come for the March 5th game vs Man Utd. I have a couple of friends in the Liverpool area, so I may stay with them, and also visit some other cities, so I'd probably handle most of our own accomodations..

        Just match tickets. I've found a few sites, but seems alot are only UK user friendly, or only will ship them to the UK. LFC site isn't offering the Man Utd game either unless we do a hospitality package, which might stretch the budget a bit..