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  • lee lee Jan 9, 2011 23:09 Flag

    Ticket Question

    just 8 out of ten ? it was a blatent dive so 10 out of ten for me. plus he should have got a yellow for diving (simulation).

    but then another question should be why agger didnt get a card for the foul.

    BTW. I couldnt agree more with your first paragraph. lol

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    • Lee
      I was giving it a rating based on the scale they give to female gymnasts at the Olympics or ballerinas on ice skates...

      He didn't stick his landing so 8/10.

      In football terms, it was a shocker 10/10, and I can't even fault Webb because he was probably obstructed and swayed by Agger's leg which didn't reach out nearly as much on replays as first seen..

      Considering we went 70 minutes down a man and that was their only goal... I wasn't impressed, and I think it's a sad way to win an FA Cup Match especially against your most hated rivals, who with just a little bit more of a creative spark might have pulled on back and forced a replay. Either way.. we weren't going to win the cup, so let's focus on the league and Europa and get this season kickstarted right!