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  • Jason Jason Jan 9, 2011 23:49 Flag

    Well Done..

    I know what to expect from all the ManU fans on here today rather than celebrating on their own forum, have your fun, you looked ordinary.. SH

    Having said that, after a horrible dive, pk down after 2 minutes, playing 70" down a man, I can only hold my hands up and say well done to the lads who ran their socks off and kept it an honest match until the end..

    A loss is never ok, but under the circumstances, I find more positives than negatives from this, but that's just me.

    As I've said, I never saw Kenny as a player or manager, but from what I know and what I saw.. I believe we can come good. If nothing else, he commands respect, determination and 200% effort and I saw that in several players today..
    (Mel, I'm being my positive self again).

    Cheers! Onwards and Upwards..

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    • Totally agree. with web as ref playing against scumbags at s**t h**e was never going to be good. Time to move on looking forward to rest of season now.

    • That was really the big thing yesterday imho. The EFFORT put in was 1.000% better than under Woy. Very refreshing to see. Lets just hope with a few new recruits and KK input on and off the field. That we can start to shine once more. Although it ain't gonna happen over night and thats a fact.


    • They chould change thwir name to Manchester Webb United..

    • Nothing to add to these good posts except to say that I agree wholeheartely. The way the team played yesterday spoke volumes as far as I am concerned about poor old Woy. To me it is blatantly obvious the players were not behind him and for KK to have produced the turn around in committment and effort we all witnessed says a huge amount too about his respect from players and motivational abilities. Onwards and upwards - bring it on! Oh, sorry but can´t resist saying also, well done Man Webbatov.

    • I was also pleased with the performance, i hope K.K, can now keep them motivated, and playing with the same fight against the smaller teams (no disrespect to blackpool)
      All in All a good posative start for King Kenny.

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      • I'm not gonna get carried away just yet. But having said that. We WERE the better team and only lost to well what can i say. A cheat of a pen. And the look on Berbs face after the match said it all.

        I do think we played more like a team which maybe down to KK putting the best players in their best positions. Now that refreshing to see!!!

        All in all a 1.000% better than under Woy. Now lets see what players we can bring in.

        It may not read like it but i'm a million times happier now lol.

    • Couldnt have said it better myself.
      I thought the lads did well,, Kelly had a great game.
      Deserved a replay,

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      • A real joy to watch the effort the lads gave. Great performances from Pepe, Martin S, Kelly, Aurelio even Maxi early on. Some poor performances too, notably Lucas and Meireles but Kenny will work on them in training as he will I think with Babel and Ngog whose ability to fall over only needs to be corrected for them to become much much better players. Had we had Stevie for all 90 minutes, I think we would have seen a much improved Torres and hope he digs in and gets back his confidence and zip. Overall I am greatly encouraged and sorry only that Stevie will miss three games in the beginning of our undoubted resurrgence. Well done LFC, you made Man U look the ordinary team they are.