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  • OLD DOG OLD DOG Jan 10, 2011 00:35 Flag

    Well Done..

    I was also pleased with the performance, i hope K.K, can now keep them motivated, and playing with the same fight against the smaller teams (no disrespect to blackpool)
    All in All a good posative start for King Kenny.

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    • I'm not gonna get carried away just yet. But having said that. We WERE the better team and only lost to well what can i say. A cheat of a pen. And the look on Berbs face after the match said it all.

      I do think we played more like a team which maybe down to KK putting the best players in their best positions. Now that refreshing to see!!!

      All in all a 1.000% better than under Woy. Now lets see what players we can bring in.

      It may not read like it but i'm a million times happier now lol.

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      • I just want to add a thought, and some may disagree, in fact I'm not completely sold on this idea either because Stevie G is the reason we're not 19th right now. But, perhaps him being missing for 3 games assuming it's not reduced, could be a galvanizing force for everyone else, and a motivating factor used by Kenny to teach them they have to play as a team and not rely so much on # 8 and even year's past #9.

        This will allow for Meireles to play in Stevies role and show what we've seen in glimpses what he can do, and in turn give Lucas more responsibility and chance to shine, if not maybe Shelvey or a healed Spearing will take them.

        I think this will be a slow resurrection as well as an audition for your future under Dalglish, and everyone's got to give that extra 25%. Stevie can't rescue us for 3 matches, nor can his connection to Torres, so everyone step it up a notch..

        I know Kuyt will. And, I've got a feeling Meireles will, and then we may get a surprise from a Babel or a Pacheco etc..

        We'll see.. Hard work begins tomorrow in training..

      • "We WERE the better team" - no you weren't, you're getting carried away. As the TV commentator (Beglin, one of yours) said, United were playing in 3rd gear.

        You had no threat up front - what has happened to Torres? - and Reina was your best player, which says it all.