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    Fernando Torres - an absolute DISGRACE!

    Good afternoon kop-ites...

    It's with a heart full of pride and elation that your leader and top poster of all time addresses you today... King Kenny back!! The fans are again singing as one, the lads fighting proudly, TEN against TWELVE and only a dubious DIVE from Berbaflop saving Manure from the humiliation this mediocre club deserves!

    However - FERNANDO TORRES - a fcuking DISGRACE to his club, his manager, the fans and himself... this boy isn't fit to wear the hallowed red shirt and you KNOW IT!

    Awful lads AWFUL... his demeanour, body langage, lack of touch and pace.... never have I seen a so called 'worldclass player. fall so far so fast!!!!!!!!!!!

    How STUPID do all the Torres lovers that were proclaiming this fallen girly-boy "the next Ian Rush, "Already a legend", "the best striker in the world" look now????

    YOU are laving a laugh as i always told you about NANDO and anyone who still wants this shambles of a player at our PROUD CLUB after todays shocker can join Rafa BENEATHUS and WOY Hodgson in Siberia where they belong..........

    Torres OUT now lads - an utter DISGRACE


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    • You supporting Pool today then Chrissy?


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      • P&S - in the past, i have agreed with a lot of what you have said...but your most recent post is a joke.

        to ship out FT now would be the wrong thing to do. whatever you may say, he is, along with Reina, Carragher and Gerrard, one of the few world class talents at the club, and he should be given a chance to re-discover his form, his fitness...his edge....whatever. he has shown flashes of brilliance this season vs Chelsea, and the amazing finish vs Bolton off the sublime Gerrard pass....so clearly, he's still got it....he just needs to play in a team that can harness that brilliance on a more consistent basis.

        that said, if a giant bid comes in for him in the summer, then he's likely to leave....however, it is way to hasty to talk about getting rid of him.....

    • Yeah he looked crap but that was because johnny evans had him in his pocket lol You dippers are blind mate Berba was a stonewall and a red card (last man) as was thug Gerros two footed studs up lunge. great victory from the champions elect.

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      • fergie you thick tw@t. The only thing Evans has in his pocket is his pecker - Torres doesn't even need man marking right now because his head and feet are clearly in SPAIN!

        Credit to Berbaflop thou, Tom Daly takes 30 seconds whilst the Bulgarian cheat only take 3 seconds to DIVE!

      • Don´t think many lfc supporters will disagree with you Paisley when you say never have you seen a player fall so far and so fast. There must be good reasons for his decline but I for one would rather see if Kenny can re-ignite his form rather than call for his immediate departure to0 Siberia. There again, it´s easy to knock players when they are down - and Torres clearly is down for whatever reason. Why not let KK sort things out? If Torres can be salvaged, good. If he needs to go, he will.