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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 16, 2011 17:18 Flag

    We should've got D.I.C.

    I've this nagging feeling we're gonna struggle with FSG.

    We really needed DIC or the Sheikh.. We're gonna be struggling to comete in the transfer market..

    Torres etc are crying out for some big money signings.. Well I fear we won't have the money to bring in these world class players.. We'll once again be doing what we've done in the past.. We're going nowhere like that..

    I sure hope I'm wrong and FSG provide big money I think we need at least £100m spending on players..

    That is if we wanna catch up with the likes of Man Utd, Man City.. .

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    • How about a little patience before passing judgment. It's the first transfer window under the new owners and we're little more than halfway through. Other than the Bosnian have you seen any other big deals so far?

    • I think i am going to stop reading this blog, at least untill we get some loyal supporters blogging again.
      Yeh, i know what needs to be done, but moan, moan moan, we should have done this, we should have done that,,, (solves nothing) get behind the team, the squad, and the new owners, and let them get on with it. They know far better than you and i, as to know what has to be done.. get behind them, or go support man city or the like.
      Y.N.W.A. Liverpool F. C.

    • armchair...if al u can post up is how we cant compete financially then as anoter postzed on this thread u should go fiollow Citeh !
      Of courser we arent te RICHEST club in the Prem...so what ? Have faith in King Kenny he knows his onions unlike BENEATHUS AND WOY he wont waste the clubs money on second rate has been s not wanted by other top Prem sides he will take his time and evaluate the current playing staff and then rid us of all the deadwood from the Beneathus/Woy era and pick up talent he has spotted for the club at bargain rates players who WILL be envied by other top sides. HE WILL PUT TO VERY GOOD USE ANY TRANSER FUNDS MADE AVAILABALE TO THE CLUB BY THE NEW OWNERS AND AS POSTED BY ANOTHER ON THIS THREAD DONT FORGET THE CLUBS NEW OWNERS RID THE CLUB OF THE ANVIL OF DEBT HANGING ROUND ITS NECK PUT THERE BY THE PREVIOUS OWNERS THE gruesome twosome of HICKS AND GILLETE...show a little enthusiasm a little optimism and hope for the future now we have a superb new boss in King Kenny....or Feck off and support the richest club in the land ...Citeh ! Myself if I had to choose another club Id choose the poorest in the Prem but even so they are the most entertaining Blackpool FC..U SEE iM INTERESTED IN sTYLE NOT JUST WINNING UGLY, which is what Citeh did yesterday v Wolves.

    • Listen mate please go and support another club because you are one annoying person that irritates the life out of me.

      You are also the type of supporter this club does not need. F.S.G have been here 3 months and you are openly critical of the men that removed the debt and financial worry this club had.

      Just because no players have been signed does not mean nothing is happening behind the scenes.

      I've got an idea for you. P!SS OFF and support MAN CITY.

    • D.I.C are in debt they have shelved a number of building projects leaving some part built towers

      FSG have stated they will clear all club debt and not take money from the club so what the club raises through all revenue streams (TV, sponsership, gates, merchendise, etc) will be there for the manager to spend.

      If the club generates £30 million it will be there to spend, They have not many any promises to 'cough up' from their own pockets.

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      • Do you seriously think £30m is gonna get the players we need?

        Yes £30m for a player granted..

      • I can't see why you would want us to be taken over by a sugar daddy. Eventually they will run away and leave us in the shit, I would rather be owned by a firm who want success but to build for that rather than buy it. Very few teams (if any) will match Manchester City but their growth is NOT sustainable in the long term, do we really want boom and bust?

        FSG have said that they will re-invest any money that we earn,which isn't exactly a trivial amount now that we are (relatively) debt free. They've said that they will upgrade Anfield or build a new stadium which will generate more revenue. Spending £100million in one season does not buy success, Man City never won anything and Real Madrid have proved that is the case in Spain also. Short-termism and wanting everything to happen right now is not how you run a business, planning, preparation and long term goals are the best way to create a sustainable run for the EPL. Don't expect us to be challenging straight away, if you are then you're setting yourselves up for a fall.

    • Yes we should have got someone to buy us who never even made a bid!

      There were two bids on the table we were days away from administration, but yes we should have waited for someone who may or may not have made a bid!

    • Seems to me I don't need to get rid of my avatar yet...and FSG are doing far to much 'listening' and not enough action.

      Hopefully by the end of January (15 days) I won't be ticking off the 'cowboys' attribute of our new owners.