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  • I know other have already weighed in on if he is a good buy or not, but since it looks like we've bid, but had that bid rejected, is obvious the club wants him. So my question is, what is a fair price for the lad?

    I can understand Holloway playing hardball, as loosing him could put their survival hopes in real jeopardy. However its the chairman not Ian who will make the final decision, so how much do you think it will take, (Holloway has eluded to 14M by saying clubs should put a one in front of their offers) and how much do you think is a fair price from our stand point?

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    • I know some are frustrated that we are not "splashing the cash" but the new owners are smart business men and want sustained success and not just a quick fix (hence the youth policy).
      If all goes well next season should be a good season for us.
      Until then we have to do our best; remember if Fulham win today they go above us in the table.


    • Yawn!

      Keep digging son, but we all know your true colours.

    • I'm not putting the club or manager down steer... I'm TELLING IT LIKE IT IS, exactly as King Kenny is with his honest statements. THAT'S the true Liverpool way lad, not your fickle fence sitting ridiculous rose-tinted bullsh(i)t!!!!!!!!!

      Kenny knows and I know that the damage done by fatlad and the rubbish left behind is going to take years to turn around.

      That's your trouble lad and why you are so hated and ridiculed here. YOU back every duff manager and every dud player even though it's plain to see how BAD the majority are and seem to think that's the way to be and how to move forward! Your an idiot mate who never learns.

      However, I'm happy that Kenny has restored some unity and pride back into the club but I don't see us challenging for honours for a long long time and i actually don't see us winning the league again in our life time!

      Regardless, I'll still back the current manager and the team HE assembles BUT with the HONESTY, INTEGRITY and CRITICISM that have afforded me the title 'top poster and visionary of all time' here.

      Walk on, walk on steer head bowed, humiliated, tail between legs walk on............ alone.

    • the top 6 teams will be bricking themselves when adams plays for you mid table team

    • I know that what a player is worth to a club should exceed what they actually pay him, but just like in any occupation, what someone is paid should have some correlation to what they are worth to the employer.

      So to think of this a different way, if Adam is on 10K a week as reported, and he does only have 18 months left on that deal, then he'll only get 780K from the club, but the club is sneezing at 4.5M to buy that contract out.

      We all understand why Blackpool would want to keep him, and why they want maximum money if they are forced to sell, but they should not be surprised the player might want a change of scenery when he's being told on one hand he's worth millions but the same people are telling him they will only pay him thousands.

      Just another way to think about it.

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      • I always thought Holloway was a Hoot but I think he has taken the role of court jester a bit far this time. 14 million Pounds (pleaseeee!!!!). I can understand his viewpoint but the facts are, they bought him for 500 000 pounds that is less than one million, AND he has got only 18 months left on his contract PLUS he has put in a transfer request. These 3 factors do not add up to 14 million and Holloway knows it and so does Liverpool and all the teams that would want Adam. I feel sorry for the lad being caught up in such a mess when he is eying the career move of a lifetime. Personally I feel that the the fairest fee is between 6-8 million but then life is not fair. I dont see us bidding anything more 6 million at our most generous best. The fact is Adam needs Liverpool more than Liverpool need him and the sooner Holloway realises that the better it will be for everyone concerned. It is all good pushing one's luck but sometimes it can become a push too far.

    • I like Holloway (great name) I think he is right to protect his club, not only will he lose one of his central players he will also be left with little time to find a replacement.

      Maybe a cash plus loan deal could tempt Holloway, Sending some of our youth players until the end of the season would give them more strength in depth and the players experience.

      Who could we send out on load to Blackpool ? Spearing, Pacheco, Danny Wilson ?

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      • Matthew I share your admiration for Holloway (not the name but he is a fellow Bristolian). But I deliberately put the post up as what is a fair price and how much will it take as I think this is a case where there could be two very different valuations both of which are valid depending on your point of view.

        From our standpoint he's a solid central midfielder with a strong passing range. Maybe a step above Lucas, but not as good as Meireles (although got a bit more grit maybe). So really he's fighting for a position if all our central midfielders are fit, although he might give us a look we don't currently have. That to me spells strong squad player, and not sure we should be spending more than 10M on squad players My guess is between 6M and 8M tops.

        But from Blackpool’s stand point he is the club captain, most likely their best player, and leader. They may survive relegation without him, but as the lynchpin of the side, its not a certainty. So the money they'd loose in earnings if they did go down versus another season of prem TV money tells you want having him versus selling him is worth in financial terms. I think Holloway knows it will be very hard to keep him, and if he's successful he knows survival or relegation the lad is gone in the summer, most likely for less than 5M (he'll only have 12 months left on his contract at that point) so he's saying anything in the hope of hanging on until 1 Feb.

        But a third angle is the players point of view. Hard to feel sorry for players who get to play for a living and get paid well more than most of us will ever dream of, but. I understand Adam is on about 10K a week. Nice money for you and me, but peanuts for a prem player, let alone one who has proven he's worth to the team. He had to take Blackpool to court last year just to get the 20K bonus he and the other players were promised for surviving the Championship. Bit of a slap in the face considering they not only survived, but got promoted to the prem!

        If he came to us (or even Villa for that matter) he'd probably at least double his wages, but most likey quadruple his pay. He'd also be playing for a much larger club no matter our current underachievement. Not many get a second chance in life, but for a footballer those second chances are even rarer, so to be taped as a youngster only to fall of the radar, and then be tapped again to play for one of the biggest and best known clubs in the world, you can't blame the lad for wanting Holloway to let him go. He could break his leg between now and June, and that second chance would evaporate.

      • MATHEW sounds lie a very sound idea to me and would keep good relations betwenthe two clubs we ar neighbours and would assist us both our players would be under a good coach for the rest of the season and a su say it would give them a little strength i depth which they admit they lack right now maybe those three plus 6 mill would be the right weight for the deal.

    • I'd have been delighted to get him for 4mil, I would go to around 7mil max. He has very little experience in the prem and choked at Rangers.

      We shouldn't be bidding anymore for what is essentially a squad player.