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  • Matthew I share your admiration for Holloway (not the name but he is a fellow Bristolian). But I deliberately put the post up as what is a fair price and how much will it take as I think this is a case where there could be two very different valuations both of which are valid depending on your point of view.

    From our standpoint he's a solid central midfielder with a strong passing range. Maybe a step above Lucas, but not as good as Meireles (although got a bit more grit maybe). So really he's fighting for a position if all our central midfielders are fit, although he might give us a look we don't currently have. That to me spells strong squad player, and not sure we should be spending more than 10M on squad players My guess is between 6M and 8M tops.

    But from Blackpool’s stand point he is the club captain, most likely their best player, and leader. They may survive relegation without him, but as the lynchpin of the side, its not a certainty. So the money they'd loose in earnings if they did go down versus another season of prem TV money tells you want having him versus selling him is worth in financial terms. I think Holloway knows it will be very hard to keep him, and if he's successful he knows survival or relegation the lad is gone in the summer, most likely for less than 5M (he'll only have 12 months left on his contract at that point) so he's saying anything in the hope of hanging on until 1 Feb.

    But a third angle is the players point of view. Hard to feel sorry for players who get to play for a living and get paid well more than most of us will ever dream of, but. I understand Adam is on about 10K a week. Nice money for you and me, but peanuts for a prem player, let alone one who has proven he's worth to the team. He had to take Blackpool to court last year just to get the 20K bonus he and the other players were promised for surviving the Championship. Bit of a slap in the face considering they not only survived, but got promoted to the prem!

    If he came to us (or even Villa for that matter) he'd probably at least double his wages, but most likey quadruple his pay. He'd also be playing for a much larger club no matter our current underachievement. Not many get a second chance in life, but for a footballer those second chances are even rarer, so to be taped as a youngster only to fall of the radar, and then be tapped again to play for one of the biggest and best known clubs in the world, you can't blame the lad for wanting Holloway to let him go. He could break his leg between now and June, and that second chance would evaporate.

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    • Its a tough one really. It would be easy to argue that an unknown Lucas or even a Daniel Pacheco might look a fantastic player in that Blackpool side.
      From what I have seen he looks decent but he only cost a few hundred grand a few months ago, lots of players can have a good run of form.
      I do like the lad all the same and he seems pretty mobile with lots of heart. I think £8m sounds like the right money for him but I doubt we will be doubling our bid.

    • I agree he would only be a squad player and may add a bit more strength to the side.

      I sugested sending players on loan as a way of reducing costs and something which would suit both clubs £5mill + loan players

      there is little over a week left of the transfer window and IF the club really want the player then this could be the best option.

      I work with a Blackpool season ticket holder and she agreed with the loan option as long as we didnt send Poulson or Ngog

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      • Actually the loan idea could have some legs, and if negotiated behind doors I'm sure a formula could be worked out where both clubs get a good deal, even if we paid some of the loaned players wages.

        Not sure if we'd let him go, as KK seems to have taken a shine to the lad, but maybe Jonjo might be an option. He might feature with us between now and June, but most likely rarely start. But he'd start most fixtures for Blackpool, and if they thought he was good enough, it would give someone KK seems to rate valuable first team experience in the prem.