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  • I know that what a player is worth to a club should exceed what they actually pay him, but just like in any occupation, what someone is paid should have some correlation to what they are worth to the employer.

    So to think of this a different way, if Adam is on 10K a week as reported, and he does only have 18 months left on that deal, then he'll only get 780K from the club, but the club is sneezing at 4.5M to buy that contract out.

    We all understand why Blackpool would want to keep him, and why they want maximum money if they are forced to sell, but they should not be surprised the player might want a change of scenery when he's being told on one hand he's worth millions but the same people are telling him they will only pay him thousands.

    Just another way to think about it.

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    • I always thought Holloway was a Hoot but I think he has taken the role of court jester a bit far this time. 14 million Pounds (pleaseeee!!!!). I can understand his viewpoint but the facts are, they bought him for 500 000 pounds that is less than one million, AND he has got only 18 months left on his contract PLUS he has put in a transfer request. These 3 factors do not add up to 14 million and Holloway knows it and so does Liverpool and all the teams that would want Adam. I feel sorry for the lad being caught up in such a mess when he is eying the career move of a lifetime. Personally I feel that the the fairest fee is between 6-8 million but then life is not fair. I dont see us bidding anything more 6 million at our most generous best. The fact is Adam needs Liverpool more than Liverpool need him and the sooner Holloway realises that the better it will be for everyone concerned. It is all good pushing one's luck but sometimes it can become a push too far.

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      • Rangers also have a substantial sell on fee tied to Adams (35%ish) so the club need to recoup as much as they can

      • Can't really blame Holloway, and while his antics do look like the court jester, I think you'll find his words and actions are all premeditated, and well thought out.

        At this point he knows holding on the player is gong to be hard. He knows he's gone in the summer. So while he may care for Adam and may want the best for him, his number one priority is Blackpool. Therefore in the interests of his club he'll say or do anything to hold onto the player who maybe very influential in helping them survive in the prem (and that is huge in financial terms for a club like Blackpool), and if he can't do that, then he's going to try and get the very most out of the club that wrestles him away. The question is will Holloway get to make the final decision, or will he be undercut at some point by his chairmen if we or someone else can put together a deal that is hard to turn down.

        But your spot on in that the real loser here is Adam himself. He does need the move much more than us. He'll still leave this summer, whether Blackpool survive or get relegated, but I doubt it will be to us as I think we'll be shopping at a much higher table at that point when more players are available. He'll most likely go to a club like Fulham or Birmingham, and I'm sure financially he'll get quite a windfall compared to what he's earning now. However the chance to go to a club, that might be midtable now, but has real aspirations to challenge at the top again very soon will be gone.