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  • I'm not putting the club or manager down steer... I'm TELLING IT LIKE IT IS, exactly as King Kenny is with his honest statements. THAT'S the true Liverpool way lad, not your fickle fence sitting ridiculous rose-tinted bullsh(i)t!!!!!!!!!

    Kenny knows and I know that the damage done by fatlad and the rubbish left behind is going to take years to turn around.

    That's your trouble lad and why you are so hated and ridiculed here. YOU back every duff manager and every dud player even though it's plain to see how BAD the majority are and seem to think that's the way to be and how to move forward! Your an idiot mate who never learns.

    However, I'm happy that Kenny has restored some unity and pride back into the club but I don't see us challenging for honours for a long long time and i actually don't see us winning the league again in our life time!

    Regardless, I'll still back the current manager and the team HE assembles BUT with the HONESTY, INTEGRITY and CRITICISM that have afforded me the title 'top poster and visionary of all time' here.

    Walk on, walk on steer head bowed, humiliated, tail between legs walk on............ alone.