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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 26, 2011 20:56 Flag

    Andy Gray Sacked!!!!

    He annoys the hell out of me and I have an instinctive liking for anyone who was as good a centre-forward as he was. But I find his commentary like his striking, too much force and not quite enough intelligence. This is why I prefer people like Hoddle and Gullit and Wilkins - more softly spoken, more reflective (and more experience as Chelsea managers).

    Mind you Gray's not as bad as Souness.


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    • No Chelsea bias there eh Robert?

      I guess you hate Redknapp and Thompson but reckon Vialli would make an amazing pundit!!

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      • As much as I loved them, Hansen and Lawrenson are boring as death to watch, Alan Shearer sounds like a clown, its as though Gary Lineker is almost laughing at them the whole time.

        Kammy is the funniest thing on tv, Redknapp is dull and his suits are annoying, Gullit is a hopeless suck up and Ray Wilkins is the most uncharismatic man I have ever seen, he must have fluffed the boys before matches to have been missed so badly.

      • What I like is intelligent soft spoken commentary. Most commentators seem to think that better commentary is short words spoken loudly and shrill opinions. For me, there has only ever been one really good commentator on British TV and that was Brian Moore. Before your time Daniel, I'm afraid. Since he retired it's been downhill and it's probably ITV's fault, switching to the format of commentator plus footie pro pundit and choosing the awful Ron Atkinson as the pro.

        Actually I like Jamie Redknapp. I don't remember seeing Thompson. I have no opinion on whether Vialli should be there but I suspect it would increase female viewing if he was.