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  • Loki Loki Jan 26, 2011 21:00 Flag

    Andy Gray Sacked!!!!

    I think its fantastic. Before the final in 2003, he was in a restaurant the night before with (Mon)Keys, and his voice was so loud, 'Look at me' . I was eating and he was really p*ssing me off, so I went up to his table.

    I said 'Excuse me' he looked up thinking I was gonna ask for his autograph, 'Can you please keep your voice down a bit, your disturbing my meal and I would like to be able to hear the conversation of the people I'm with' - his face dropped and he looked f*cked off but he didn't say.

    I had a lovely meal after that and I didn't have to hear that blue sh*tes voice for the rest of the night.

    • Hahaha another priceless FAIRYTALE from lokiherpes... the same bullsh(i)tter who told us he was a millionaire living in fcuking Germany then the far East and foolishly admitted he had to sell his guitar amp because his GIRLFRIEND TOLD HIM too... you wouldn't say boo to a goose son, let alone Andy Gray - besides, he don't eat at Kebab shops, eh eh eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!