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    • None taken Andrew... I saw my name tossed in and left a little confused, I typically get on pretty well with just about everyone on the boards except for those who may not like me, and perhaps 3 or 4 that I can't stand..

      Generally speaking I try and keep it as respectful as I can and I'm not really a confrontational person unless I need to be, and I don't mind dishing it out, or take it.

      Bottom line, I'm sure for whatever reason there are some who dislike that I'm American, or that I post so frequently, but I can say without a doubt, I'm the biggest Liverpool fan you'd meet in the states, and in reading some silly posts I have to question some over there.. I genuinely love the sport and the club.

      Right now, I am very happy with the Suarez deal, and the fee agreed, as I stated 30+ was too much, and Henry got it done like I hoped he would. Now my concern lies with Torres, fancy him or not, aside from Gerrard he is my favorite player, I've followed him from Atletico and in my own personal opinion of watching Europe I only see 1 -2 players who could become what he is.. but they're not ready nor available. BUT, like many more experienced fans and posters will say, nobody is bigger than the club, I begrudgingly agree, and hope that Fernando was just posturing to help foce this through, and perhaps give us another surprise signing in the next day or two... a winger would be superb.

      Either way, right now for me, the season is a fresh start, I'm enjoying watching Kenny who I never saw as a child, and I'm excited for the rest of the season and the future which I hope includes El Nino. I also again, do want to reiterate (this is a novel like PS will say), that people who have had it out for FSG (nesv) should tone it down, and look at how many great things they have done and will do, rather what they haven't done... We could be sitting -9 points lighter staring at the Championship level right now..

      Onwards and Upwards friends. I look forward to some new glory days! Cheers!

      fyi If you don't like me, put me on ignore, or if you don't like me/Americans let me know and I'll be happy to "discuss"

    • Jason is his love child lol. Only joking Jason mate.

    • Well back to the subject in hand here guys. As playtime is now over. P&S you still make me laugh a real breath of fresh air lol.

      I think Torres should stay until the summer. And then if some one wants to pay £50 million plus that would buy us a great player or two. But to be honest i'd rather him stay now it would be the best for the team. Especially if he hits form again and the big thing is he keeps free fro bad injuries.


    • Great news thank you Mr Henry. What else you got up your sleeve between now and the end of the month??

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      • Hahaha - as if we needed any more proof that this utter tw@t is a two-faced lying plastic lads... "well done Mr Henry" he squawks... then a few days ago it was...

        "I think the priority right now is to shore up the back which I think will have the biggest impact on driving confidence, I think maybe we should look at Suarez beyond the need just right now. The lad is 23, and so will still be well in his prime when players like Gerrard, Kuyt, and Maxi are no longer on the pitch." - steer

        "I'd personally go for a DM or CB first, followed by a LB" - steer

        "come the summer after both players contracts (Suarez Adam -s-)are another 6 months shorter they will both be more likely to be at least a little cheaper. Besides summer time prices are always a little more sane, plus there will be other quality players to choose from which makes it much more a buyers market, than the sellers market the January sales usually are..." - steer

        Answer to that steer you cowardly two-faced MUPPET


    • But that is the MILLION DOLLAR question, WILL torres stay?

    • finally! ynwa. and before people start saying, "that will mean torres is going to chelsea". don't be ridiculous!

      do you think suarez would have agreed to come if we were selling his strike partner?

      don't they share the same agent?

      either way the fernando/suarez combination should be very useful indeed!



      i reckon a 4-3-3. with two attacking full backs, crossing over. that gives us both the pass and move we need through the middle, along with the width for crosses, without needing any out and out wingers. (maybe we can get some of them in the summer!)