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  • Greg Greg Jan 29, 2011 01:11 Flag

    Suarez fee agreed

    finally! ynwa. and before people start saying, "that will mean torres is going to chelsea". don't be ridiculous!

    do you think suarez would have agreed to come if we were selling his strike partner?

    don't they share the same agent?

    either way the fernando/suarez combination should be very useful indeed!



    i reckon a 4-3-3. with two attacking full backs, crossing over. that gives us both the pass and move we need through the middle, along with the width for crosses, without needing any out and out wingers. (maybe we can get some of them in the summer!)

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    • I think he will stay. There has been no official word about Torres asking for a transfer, so I think that is all hot air. The signing of Suarez will hopefully show that the club does have some ambition and the owners are willing to invest and that will keep him happy for a little while longer. Until the summer at least.

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      • Thats the thing isn't it?

        £50m will buy us another player like Suarez as well as several more.. So question is what would you do?

        Also if we do sell to Chelsea we'd make them stronger of course. Then we'd then have to rebuild a new partnership..

        Maybe thats what needs to be done? Maybe we need to build up a new style of play maybe Torres doesn't fit that style?

        Just a few suggestions.. something to think about..

        If we sell Torres we'd still need to buy in another striker to replace him with, also a winger & defender..

        We used to have the policy that if a player wasn't happy then get rid of them. As no player is bigger than the club.. So if Torres wants out then let him go.. Although theirs been no direct quote he wants to leave. With the signing of Suarez I'd expect him to be chomping at the bit to play alongside him.. As he's been wanting a quality player and now we've got one.. So he should be happy?