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  • ANDREW ANDREW Feb 1, 2011 09:56 Flag


    HaHa i think you maybe right Jason mate. I for one am very happy we've brought some new fire power in to the team. Good luck to Torres he was/is a great player on his day. Just seems the days ran out if you know what i mean lol.


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    • I think the best way I can sum up the day, and past few days is a sense of bittersweet if you like.. Sorry to be redundant if you've heard me before, but I've followed Torres (who I will now refer to as "the player") since Atletico, and I'd come to learn alot about him, and become attached to him as a player, and who he portrayed as a person. I guess, as Kenny would say, the Romantics of it... but it's a business and people make decisions in their own best interest.

      I always thought it would happen, and if I had to bet it would have been Chelsea, just not like this and not in the middle of the season, so for now I'm very chapped. I will still admire and marvel at his abilities, and Chelsea could be something to watch if they click like last year. But like you see, we've come away from the day/window better for it in the long run, with me only disappointed in not having a left winger. Maybe one comes on loan.

      Anyhow, I really think if Carroll is fit for the weekend, and he and Suarez can become compatible together, with Meireles and Stevie pulling the strings and our new found stability at the back, we're a time on the rise, and one to watch out for.

      As I say this, I am reluctantly resigned to changing my icon to remove "the player". But times change, people change. Maybe one day he'll speak out and explain when he's calmed down and we can forgive, but for now, there are not time for Romantics to get in the way... I think the race for 4th is very much on Mates!

      Onwards and upwards we go!