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    No need for the parting shot Nando

    A few posts here saying about his interview and it is a bit upsetting. I understand his motives for leaving, he had been promised time and time again by board members that we would do this and that with regards to transfers. We are looking to buy the worlds best young talent and I sincerely believe we have just bought 2 of those. He wants to compete for top honours this year and cant wait, at 27 (with his injury history, he may not see out his 5.5 year contract) he doesnt have to time for us to build for next season with no realistic chance of Champs league till the 2012/13 season.

    What he didnt need to do was come out and effectively call us a small club and then be disrespectful to our players, how hard would it be to say, I am sad to be leaving but wanted to win trophies immediately. You were built by this club lad, thanks for the great moments but I would love nothing more then to see Soto turn you upside your head on Sunday :)

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    • Liverpool didn't have an offer of £50m until the last day, presumably. A couple of days earlier it was reported they had turned down an offer of £35m.

      Torres going on the last day for £50m was simply a case of the brinkmanship, wasn't it? Chelsea weren't prepared to offer £50m earlier, trying to get him for a lower price. LFC weren't accepting a lower price. When push came to shove Chelsea went to £50m and LFC couldn't say no.

      None of which is Torres fault. At least, not the timing of it. He may have wanted to go since last summer but he probably didn't expect it to happen. Only in the last few days did it seem that Chelsea might offer the full amount.


    • Not sure it being a device to prevent the player getting his cut. At the end of the day, the player of the level of Torres are not going to do without, so where they loose part of their cut on one part of the transaction I'm more than certain they make it up somewhere else. When deals are made in football there are two groups that are guaranteed not to lose, and that is the agent and the player. These days they are firmly in the driving seat.

      We may not have come down on the price, but I'm not sure we would have paid 35M for Carroll if the transaction had happened on the 15th of the month rather than the last day. So what motivation LFC had to delay the selling of Torres till the last minute, if they knew he was going, is beyond me.

    • I think the timing of the handing in of the notice is a red herring. It was simply a device that had to happen to prevent Torres getting a cut of the transfer fee. I think that when the negotiation with Chelsea looked like being successful he was told to hand it in. I think you read too much into the timing of it.

      I also think LFC weren't going to let him go for less than £50m. At least, they reputedly turned down a late offer of £35m. Yes, there is some difference but I don't think it holds up to argue that Chelsea should have negotiated sooner for a better deal. Chelsea started offering last summer, if not before. If Liverpool were prepared to pay £35m for Carroll they would probably have kept Torres for £49m, wouldn't they?

      A lot of what happened was behind the scenes and we can't know. Maybe Torres was given promises by earlier managers and newer managers said "never mind that, I can't promise that". Maybe the change of ownership looked worse to him, or not as good as he hoped. Who knows? We don't. I don't think you can establish a case of bad faith on the little we do know.

      Taking him at face value, he says he enjoyed his time at Liverpool and has nothing bad to say about the club but he wants the opportunity he sees at Chelsea. Isn't that just fair enough? Footballers have limited careers and they shouldn't end up regretting not making decisions which could result in greater success.

      The person I think is probably feeling bad over this is Gerrard. He's probably thinking "that's what I should have done five years ago".


    • Who cares what other people says mate!
      So what if it's true? As much as I do not have any respect for him now, but you can't deny that he has contributed alot to us for the past 3 years. I hope that people will move on and support the players that want to wear our shirt with passion..Feel sorry for Suarez, his arrival has been overshadowed by this stupid saga but i guess it's blessing in disguise for him to put himself away from the British notorious media.

    • That's the way it should be mate. GOOD LUCK BABEL!

    • I think he meant to say "Dalglish saw Carroll & Suarez as additions to the lineup not to replace Torres" Yet Torres got it into his head or maybe it was put there.. probably by his agent.. that Suarez was to be his replacement..

      Stupid really as Chelsea is an aging side and ours is getting younger and we'll be challenging for honours before long.. With Kenny & FSG..

    • That was my point Raaj. I think you meant to say Suarez was brought in to partner Torres, not replace Torres. Carroll was only approached after it was clear that Torres was all but out the door.

    • Forget what he says, its actions that speak louder than words. If he had left last summer I would have been gutted, but part of me would have understood. The manager who brought him in had left, and was replaced with a mid table manager, and all the promises of investment had gone out the window. Meanwhile all the expectations were still he and Stevie would keep delivering.

      However he announced to the world he wanted to leave just a few days before the end of the transfer window, and right after the new owners had proved they were willing to invest. You can't go around saying the club needs to do this, or that, and then turn around and say its not enough right after they do what you asked them to do.

      But the sad thing is I really think it’s a bad move for him. It maybe very good in the short run as he has a shot at playing in a CL final this year, but over the length of his contract, many of the current Chelsea stars are going to be gone due to age. I doubt very much unless they work out a real youth policy they will be able to replace with nearly the same caliber of players. We all know Roman can afford it, but once those fair play rules kick in, he won't be allowed to. In a year or so he could find he's at a club going through a massive re-build with one hand tied behind their backs, which is a worse situation than he just left as we've got real revenues (and no off setting debt) we are allowed to plough back into the club and still stay onside of the fair play rules.

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      • I think you're missing something dave. Apparently last summer both Chelsea and city made offers for him, which tempted him, but he was persuaded to stay then, but with the promise that if an offer of £50m came in, he could then leave. Well, it was only yesterday that an offer of £50m came in and presumably only a few days ago that he thought it was likely. He is then subject to others' timings, not the director of it.

        And so what anyway. Carroll has clearly been brought in to replace him. you surely wouldn't have spent £35m on Carroll unless it was expected that Torres was leaving, would you?


      • So he may well end up regtretting he left LFC as we'll be building a nice balanced squad .. and as Kenny has one EPL title under his belt he knows whats required..

    • "I only have good words about Liverpool. They made me a top player and gave me the chance to play at the top level. I will never say anything bad about Liverpool, I have been very happy there, "

      I think you lot are all over-reacting.


    • Just saw the video interview... Not one word of thanks for Liverpool FC.. Thats gratitude for you !!

      Chelsea is perfect for you... Oh whats your name again? I've forgotten.. I'm sure it'll come to me.... nope it's gone.. nevermind we've 2 strikers just eager to get going .. come on Suarez & Carroll..

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