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  • OLD DOG OLD DOG Feb 1, 2011 20:21 Flag

    No need for the parting shot Nando

    To borrow a phrase from Barcelona fans to Figo, “We hate you so much, because we loved you so much”. Your name may appear in our record books, but you’ve forsaken your place in our history.

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    • I am pretty disappointed in Fernando. Not that he left but in the petulant displays he put in for us because he was unhappy and his comments to the press today. To leave is the prerogative of anyone who has become disenchanted. A true professional - never mind love of club and all those other sentiments that no longer apply to many professional footballers - would have given their all before going. Torres clearly didn´t, excusing himself by saying he wasn´t motivated by the club or the quality of the players around him. He now thinks he has made a great move to a great club which, in the way he has expressed it, is tantamount to a huge kick in the teeth to LFC. He should have shown far more dignity and left out the comparisons but clearly that is beyond him. Adios!