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  • Hobsey Hobsey Feb 3, 2011 17:46 Flag

    Team to face Chelsea?

    Bemused by the team selection but we looked excellent, is leaving me guessing as to the team for Sunday! Heres what I would go with because theres no second guessing Kenny right now!


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    • I think that was precisely one of Kenny's tricks and thoughts behind playing the 3-4-3, not to mention it worked..

      Just gave Ancellotti something else to think about and prepare for since we're going there and seem to be catching them on form again..

      If we were to stick with the 3-4-3, (looked like 3-4-2-1) which I'm also unsure of.. I'd do:

      Carra ----- Skrtel ------- Agger
      Kelly- Lucas - Gerrard - Glen

      Looks a bit unorthadox, but can shape out into a 4-3-3, or 4-4-1-1...

      Guess we'll see at kickoff..

    • Chaps, happily I'm off to the sun for three days. Unhappily that means I won't be around to set you right until after the Sunday match. So I thought I'd get my thoughts on it in early. Here they are:

      haha - beat you again - now you can see why Torres wanted to go to a top club. The difference in class between the two teams was there for everyone to see.

      In the unlikely event we don't win:

      I can't believe you got that result. The referee needs shooting. Skrtel should have been off and we should have had penalties for both the handball and the blatant foul on Anelka.

      See y'all later. Be good.


    • Hobsey,

      I wouldn't disagree with the players, just wonder whether Stevie G or Meireles would be a better bet in the centre than Lucas. That said those three seem pretty fluid in how they play so probably not too much of an issue.

      I'm really please to see Kelly getting a sustained run out. He is growing in confidence every game and it becoming really effective as a wing back. I had not appreaciated what a good turn of pace he has until recently.