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  • Loki Loki Feb 4, 2011 21:32 Flag

    Kenny or Mourinho in the summer?

    Its a tough one this, so I thought I would see what you guys (and gals) thought.

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    • Myself personally i would put my faith in Kenny. He has the heart and love for the club and wants nothing but the best for liverpool

    • King Kenny any day!

    • King Kenny, everyday of the week, and twice on sunday.

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      • OLD DOG...ABSOLUTELY MATE ! Doesnt it feel good to be returning to playing with STYLE under tutelage of KK ? LOVE that PASS AND MOVE !!! Im still shocked by the way in which many on this board were actually AGAINST the appointment of KK while Benitez was here on the grounds that he had....... :been out of management far too long and was out of touch.....and they at that time prefered that Benitez remain in charge albeit that the vast majority of fans at that time wanted him down the road and KK appointed Boss. I had agitated on this board for the previous three seasons to get this clown Benitez down the road and see if KK would accept the job but unfortunately even though Kenny stated he wanted the job and its subsequently become clear that that was the case the board rejected his application ??? Still...all's well that ends well eh ?

    • Mourinho does not like having a director of football above him, he does not have a record for developing young players or playing attractive football ... That said his record speaks for itself he wins silverwear

      Kenny is working with Commolli, developing young players and slowly getting Liverpool playing attractive football he is also restoring the Liverpool way by keeping things inhouse at the club

      Kenny all day everyday

    • Mourinho or king kenny simple for me kenny i wanted Mourinho here while waffa was boss, but i never exspected the king would return so its the king all the way for me

    • KING KENNY...how can any Liverpool supporter in his/her right mind think otherwise ?

    • The King hands down Jose is a winning mercenary not the LFC way we are going back to the Liverpool way as the revolution started by Souness has failed.....John Henry has just hinted Kenny is staying plus he wants to redevelop Anfield it's funny Henry recognizes the history of Anfield more than some on this board and called the fields beautiful perhaps more people should visit and experience the beauty of our ground.....

    • Its funny that you mention it because its something thats been running through my mind. Its Kenny for me although we will have to gauge it by the rest of the season.

      Mourihno is a world class manager no doubt and is increasingly looking like coming available this summer, Im not sure Mourinho is capable of creating a young side to develop for the future like we are trying to do now. Look at the players he tries to bring in to clubs, at Real he brought in Carvahllo straight away then when he needed a striker he went for Van Nistelrooy. Mourihno is a winner and he knows the tools he needs to win, right now. Thats great if you have bags and bags of money and can offered to buy finished products with no resale value but I dont think it will work for us.

      Mourihno will be the next Man City manager, of that I am almost certain.

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      • I'd like Mourniho here.. however he'd suit Man City better as they've potfulls of cash and he likes thet sort of thing.. They'd be some spending restrictions if he came here..

        If we'd hired him before he went to Chelsea that would've been the best time to have him.. ie instead of Benitez..

        So Kenny it is for me.. unless Kenny decides he doesn't want the job then.. Mourniho..