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    The year United took number 19!

    Yes kop-ites, a bitter sweet season for us, with the arrival of King Kenny raising our spirits after the DISASTER of Wafa and Woy, BUT, it looks as though the year ALL true LFC fans have dreaded is here... Man Ure are about to take over as the most successful club in English league history - face it lads. number NINETEEN is going to Old Trafford barring a MIRACLE from the inconsistent Gooners.

    Who would have believed it in 1990 when King Kenny lifted number eighteen and the Mancs hadn't won a title for TWENTY FOUR YEARS!

    It speaks volumes that todays fickle LFC plastics on here don't even MENTION how bad this is for the club and long suffering supporters like me who enjoyed the BEST of times in the glory days... don't ANY of you fools realise that this is going to be the darkest of days come May when Man Ure - our bitterest rivals finally "knock us off our fcuking perch"... nothing can stop the inevitable... CAN IT?


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    • Agree P&S you speak the truth Jedi...Under KK I think we will be back but yes this is a dark hour....You gotta remember my friend some people on this board think the 90's with a couple of Mickey mouse cups (Minus the miracle in Istanbul) were the glory days all true fans remember the fields of Anfield....

    • lol yeah it's all but over now. francenal will implode as usual like they did yesterday, sh.itty and chelski are too far behind and liverfool aren't even in the equation a spent force living on ancient history. 19 titles the most ever!! can't wait gonna be a summer of celebration for us and may even have another CL in the trophy cabinet as well. You dippers can just cry in the mersey as we sail on past in the only ship never to dock there. the premiership hahahahahaha

    • You'd think by the title of your thread you want Man Ure to win the title !!!

      I and many others doubt your alligance to LFC. So why do you still pretend to be one of us?

      I'll tell why fans of the club don't dwell on how bad things are because it does no good to do so. Cos it's damn obvious when things go awry it doesn't need mentioning

      Unlike doomongers like you!! .. So we look to the next game no need to dwell on games that were lost.. As the game is over.. So move on to the next game..

      Give up it up ffs !! You'll never be a true LFC fan.. As LFC fans don't praise our most bitter rivals like you do..