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    No Posts about the game??


    I thought i would log on and see the performance dissected by you Liverpool fans!

    Personally, I watched the 1st half only, as I had to do some work on a presentation.................But from what i saw, it must have been painfull viewing for you guys.

    I sincerely hope that you can pull a performance out of the bag and progress, as Braga where/are not that good and you toiled home and away in the previous round.

    Yes, under Kenny things have improved, not least the humbling of Man U.............But the fact Liverpool can up their game several notches to beat Man U, should give hope that Liverpool FC can get to those heights more often but the fact many other displays are a shadow of the Man U performance shows that the Kenny effect can only go so far.....................You need some far better players in certain areas!

    All the best

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    • Many thanks Roy. Second half was better with Carroll. We'll definitely turn them over in the second leg!

    • Fist half poor second better. Next leg finish them off. We could put too much presure on Kenny to get results straight away I was shouting for forth myself but we have to be realistic he has been given a long hard task. If we finish sixth i'll be happy and build for next year, get rid of the dreggs and give the young lads a chance, get some more class in. I just want them to step up.

    • Can't comment on the game as a whole as I only saw highlights, but from what saw much better performance in the second half. But I'd not read to much into the result as we've got to remember that this was the same team that humbled Arsenal 2-nil in Portugal, but got spanked 6-nil in London. It’s also telling that many on the pitch last night were squad players, so not surprising we did not see the same cutting edge we saw at the weekend.

      As for so few comments from others, I think too many have been driven off the board by certain aggressive posters who don't seem to be interested in open debate. When you have someone out there hacking into posters personal accounts, stealing pictures and worse, it’s not surprising that some are a little gun shy. Shame really, as while I don't have a problem with moderated boards, I prefer an un-moderated board, but its only as good as those who choose to participate. It’s also really sad if decent posters decide to allow bullies to prevail.

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      • "as I only saw highlights"

        There it is in a nutshell lads... this PROVEN a(s)swipe who has NEVER stood on the Kop admits he didn't even see the game yet still pokes his fcuking oar in with TWO paragraphs... many good posters over the years have been driven away by losers like this who ruin it for others.... here's a few emails i have received (names with held to protect the innocent)

        Thankyou P&S for standing up to that idiot dsteer. He is the most irritating poster on here but no point ignoring as he just hogs the board as is. I won't be back fed up with him. YNWA

        Paisley you're a controversial character but agree that posters like bob h and dsteer have ruined the place. anyway i'm off to another board. cheers

        Hehe Paisley Shanks you really know how to show up these PVC fans like dave steer LFC Sofa etc keep up the good work.

        Hiya PnS cheers for the laughs and good call on Sissoko mate knew he was no good. However plonkers like steer, iceman and mysteron will never learn or change so i've just joined up to another forum. catch you later mate.

        Shocking eh!!!!!!!

        The list is endless of personal messages like this boys... and rest assured I WILL be on hand to keep these hated and ridiculed plastics in check until we true fans can get the board (like the club) back to how it used to be. Walk on lads Walk on.