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  • Gary S Gary S Apr 4, 2011 19:15 Flag

    Hodgson on Dalglish...

    i think its time up for dalglish inept at his job can't beat wba theirs something wrong i think we need a younger manager

    • What an absolute tool of a statement.

      Plastic fans. Who needs them!

    • You maybe on to something, the inability to get 3 points from WBA may need to be the final test on if a manager is good enough. So following that logic what do you recon, Bruce at Sunderland, McLeish at Birmingham, Mancini at City, Wenger at Arsenal, Hughes at Fulham, Moyes at Everton, Holloway at Blackpool to name just a few, plus of course our own Dalglish should all be down the Unemployment office right now instead of managing in the prem.

      Word of advice, if your trying a wind up, you might want to actually read up so you can back up your statements, if your being serious, then sorry. Really, I'm sorry.