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  • Leanne Leanne Apr 2, 2011 05:19 Flag

    Hodgson on Dalglish...

    From today's Guardian Online:

    Hodgson did not hesitate when asked whether he thought Dalglish should get the manager's job on a permanent basis, citing the Liverpool supporters' influence as so significant that it would be almost impossible for anyone else to succeed at the club.

    "Yes I do [think he should get it] because the fans want him to have the job," he said. "He's got the backing of the fans and the fans are very important at Liverpool. If they don't give him the job now, then it's going to be a very difficult job for the next man who gets it because the fans want [Dalglish]."

    Now I know there's a few people who don't have any problems with the man but surely 35 years in the game shouldn't give him this many issues that he can't objectively see where he failed and Kenny succeeded???

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