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  • Jason Jason Apr 18, 2011 04:53 Flag

    Drogba to liverpool?

    Drogba is NEVER coming to Liverpool nor is he EVER going to the MLS..

    He is still Chelsea's best striker, arguably best player, and to be quite honest if Torres hadn't been brought into the mix, they may be a bit higher up in the table and still playing in the CL.

    Yes, he's 33, but he's a young 33, at the peak of his fitness with his only concern this season being a bout with Malaria, AND, he's played less total career matches than Torres. He has plenty more football to be played at the highest level as long as he wishes. If not at Chelsea, he'd draw interest from every top side in Europe and probably either end up with Jose' or back in France where he said he'd like to end his career.

    Furthermore, the owners/Commolli would never entertain the idea of another 30+ player who commands 100K+ a week, and has a reputation for throwing fits and being petulant like another.. We could have 2 players for his troubles..