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  • mel n mel n Apr 24, 2011 03:00 Flag

    Hail to the King ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    For the last 7 years we have tried and failed to beat Birmingham City in the league. It has taken the great one JUST one attempt not only to beat them but to thrash and wallop them 5 zip. And to do it with an injury ravaged team is testimony to how GREAT and legendary the King really is.

    Personally I would not be bothered if we play in Europa or not but if that is what the King wants then so be it. Your will is our command your Genius Highness.

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    • JOSE...indeed we did know what a gem King Kenny was there waiting in the wings such a shame so many of the support couldnt see same as we wouldnt be waiting to be overtaken by Manure on the Title front rather if KK had been our boss rather than that tw@t Benitez we might have already been celebrating our 19th League Title ! Looking fw to the Newcastle game lets all keep rolling with KK !!!

    • colin..... you and jose have known for a loooong time what a tw@t waffa was and what a gem kenny was waiting in the wings...... you championed the king for a long time, so it must feel great now that others are seeing what we have seen for 2-3 seasons now..... long may the success continue.... obrigado mate!!!

    • Colin,

      I say this with 110% certainty, Kenny has the job and they will announce it once the season is concluded. While it would be nothing more than exceptionally great news on top of all the positivity around the club, it could be a slight distraction since the performances of late have been top drawer with limited players. Kenny and all the players seem intent on winning every remaining match and getting Europa, so they've rolled up their sleeves and gotten to work.

      Based on how Henry and FSG conduct most of their business with the Red Sox, from my experience, they usually keep very quiet which can be painful when you want to know, but it's a smart strategy and abides by LFC tradition.

      King Kenny is the man! Rest assured Colin

    • It's about time we beat the likes of Birmingham .. If we can thrash Man Utd then we should be beating Birmingham et al in our sleep..

      We should expect to beat Birmingham and others. Yes Kenny has something to do with it, but come on we should've been beating Birmingham long before now with the squad we have..

    • Hey Mel,

      You've been mkssing for a while..?

      I've never stopped with my enthusiasm and optimistic view, even back when you told me not to under the "special one" aka - roy (and by special, I'm talking a different kind).

      I have to say, that's the only thing that kept me going, and having never seen any of Kenny's exploits as a player/manager until now, this is simply amazing to me.

      As least I know now if I had said or say, I expect to win these matches and multiple in a row even with this squad, you and I will agree only due to what the great one is doing!

      As for Europa, I mean, why not? Obviously nobody on this board, in the stands or on that pitch wants to lose, so if the goal is to win every match, that means Europa so be it. We should just embrace it as an additional challenge, another competition and it may give the owners additional reason/incentive to spend a little more for a deeper squad.

      It's not CL, we know that, but next year's Europa field will have some of the most prestigous names in it's field ever, so I say what I believe Kenny would say, BRING IT ON!!

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      • Hi Jason, I have been sort of hibernating. You know us fans we yell the loudest when things are going either very wrong or MAGNIFICENTLY. With my always being a cautious optimist, I have been quietly analysing what has been unfolding without saying much on the off-chance that it might be a false dawn or a series of flukes.

        I am not saying that I doubted the King but that I was not sure that we had really turned the corner. However after seing the ruthless demolition and carnage that we dealt to Birmingham (not to forget the 3-0 hiding we gave Mancini), I have to say that my caution has been thrown to the wind and I have no option but to pay this tribute. Its not the score-line that impresses me the most, its the manner of it all. Our team is currently beset by injuries to the entire backline, the main midfielder and the (record signing) chief striker, previous managers would have been whinging and moaning at our misfortune but not KK. He has had no qualms about sticking in not just one but two TEENAGERS into the defence, something totally unheard of in the Premier league. Rafa probably would have played Kuyt at rightback and Carragher at left back, just like we have seen SAF playing playing Fletcher and (once) Giggs as fullbacks. Roy probably would have played himself at rightback before daring to field the youngsters .... and rightly so coz if they happen to have a nightmarish display they could be psychologically affected for quite some time.

        The faith that Kenny has shown to the youngsters has amazed me, against Birmingham I just could not help smiling when I saw wee Jay hit an accurate 40 yard crossfield to pick out Lucas. Which Liverpool fan would have thought Jay capable of such a feat or the brilliant displays he has put up lately, Not me for sure. I liked the boy as a local lad but I never seriously thought of him as a good footballer till KK came to town. And Jay is not the only standout feature, we all remember how well Kelly was doing before his injury. Looking at the table I could not help noticing that we now have a better goal difference than Spurs yet when Kenny came in we were negative (-6). Come next weekend Spurs lose to Chelski and we thump Newcastle and we will be 5th for the FIRST time this season. If only we had 7-8 more games left then we definitely would have finished 4th.

        I have said it before and I will say it again .......... Hail to the King.