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    sit down in kop you idiots

    standing is how 97 died,have you got no brain and respect

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    • Did you ever go to a match when there were terraces, or are you not old enough?

      If you did and you've also attended matches in an all seater stadium even if you did stand the entire time you'd understand the world of difference. Its one thing to stand in front of the seat assigned to you by your ticket, and quite another to be part of a sea of supporters on the terraces with only a few barriers to stem the movement of the human tide.

      Part of me does miss the old days, as standing on the terraces was like being part of a living thing bigger than yourself, however I also remember scary times when you got swept up by the movement, and I'd not want my kid standing on the terraces as there is no way to control the mass once it starts to move. I can only try to imagine the terror of those caught up in the crush that day in Sheffield, and only a fool who’s never experienced the terraces would ever think those who died had any control over events, but only a bigger fool would want to go back to a system that risk that horrible day ever happening again.

    • he is right though, the kop stand during the entire match, so why not bring back standing areas?

    • Good post Jason. It's done with mate, i've expressed my view. No more needs to be said.

    • I don't normally like to intervene, or even bother with this type of stuff, but comeon Dan & Dave, being the fact the 2 of you, this is a bit nonsense don't you think..? I personally get on really well with both of you, in fact, Daniel I think you were the first person to encourage me to contribute when I was hesitant being new and the "American", and Dave likewise, so I hate to see 2 people who are quality contributors bickering like this. In fact, if my trip to visit would ever stop getting cancelled, you both would be on my short list of people I'd like to buy a pint of Carlsberg... along with P&S naturally (assuming he can drink in prison?)

      So, in short, from my view, if you step back, maybe you both said one or two things you could take back, but at this point are trying to just agree to disagree. Can't we call it a truce? Unless of course you guys actually know each other and hate each other..

      If you think I'm out of line, apologies and I'll just keep quiet, I just think you guys are way too good for this, and there are so many more enjoyable things to discuss. And for the record, I know there is another moderated board which is excellent, however, like Hobs said this is very easy and convenient with regards to work/computer issues etc., and I refuse to ever back away or be bullied... I think we have way too many GOOD posters than bad to let this one slip..

    • And that is the point. Dylan can say what he likes, and can continue to say it if he wishes. And, I have the right to point out that I think it’s over the line. Whether he or you agree with me and change you stance is up to you, as is up to others if they think what he says is okay, or over the line.

      Likewise you can tell me to get back into my cage if you wish. I do find that offensive, so I'm going to speak my mind in return. No one is getting kicked off the board, and you may well feel justified in what you said, just as I feel justified in telling a poster I think he's out of line, as I'm telling you I think your "cage" comment was unwarranted.

      Let me put it this way, how often would a poster personally slagging off another poster be tolerated on the other board you participate on? What would be the consequences of such behavior? Here there are no consequences other than others weighing in with their own opinions. That’s all I did, and I believe I did it without being personally insulting, so I'm not sure why you have issue with me, or my opinion on the subject.

    • Well IMO Dave, Dylan had every right to say what he did and it didn't need you to get involved. I guess the same can be said of me but if you hadn't then neither would I.

    • People can post what they like, and others can agree or call them out.

      In effect the board becomes self moderated then. There is nothing stopping (within Yahoo's terms and conditions) anyone posting whatever they like, from the highly insightful to the highly incendiary. Others if they take offense, or in this case feel something is "over the line" can ignore or speak up.

      Both are valid responses in my mind, and for those who it seems obvious their goal is to wind people up and only post things likely to add fuel to a fire, ignoring often is my choice as it denies them the energy they crave, while with others who I feel may cross some line on occasions, I think its better to engage. Others are free to do as they please as a response.

      Personally if I said something personally offensive I'd rather someone point it out to me, as while I'm always keen on a debate and don't mind if it can get heated, its never my intention to personally offend from the off.

    • Ok Dave, nice post. Maybe the back in the cage comment was a bit harsh and unneccessary but I do feel it's a bit hypocritical of you to say you like to have an unmoderated board but in the same vein you are telling people what not to post.

      Anyway lets draw a line under that eh.

    • Just so we're clear Daniel, you are a poster I've respected for quite a while, and will say with honesty have missed since you've decided to spend most of your time on another board.

      However, you started this little salvo with your "back in your cage" line, so bit rich complaining about me making a factual statement that you decided to join a new and moderated board when the silliness on this board got to much for you.

      I can't take any credit for P&S or others no longer attempting to take this board down to their level; however I do think posters remaining here, and posting thoughtful, respectful posts about football were at least a contributing factor in this board not turning into what you see on for example on the Chelsea board.

      Finally if you've found somewhere you prefer, good for you, but please if that is the case, why come back on here to throw mud? If you're here to post about football, good for you and welcome back, if not, all I can say is what a shame.

    • Got ya pal....now i agree...

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