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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Apr 27, 2011 17:45 Flag

    Pepe has committed future to Liverpool

    Just read the most positive news on Pepe's future. He said he would start next season as a Liverpool player and would NEVER join the scums! He said the mood in the changing room has changed drastically since KK's arrival and he has confidence in FSG.

    The news is not on Yahoo or Eurosports yet, but it will hit the headline very soon!

    Salute to Pepe for coming out to say all the positive words, even better when hearing him say NEVER to the scums! Great lad! YNWA

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    • Seems we're chasing a french goalkeeper.. If so then does that mean Pepe will go? Or can they both co-exist at LFC?

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      • The Lloris story is kinda old news, has been banded around from when Pepe started to make disgruntled noises. Without doubt 2 keepers of that quality could never co exist and it would be moronic to ever think about spending that kinda money on anything other then a first choice stopper. Reina will be staying and if anything at all, we will be looking for another no.2, not that Pepe lets them play in the Europa or Carling Cup games anyway!
        I didnt know you could call people dickheads on here, as rude as it may be, it still made me laugh, even more so because it doesnt seem to be aimed at anyone!

      • It seems you are a proper dickhead and don't actually have a clue about what is happening at our great club. This is not the first time I have corrected you, and I seriously doubt it will be the last.

      • I doubt it. Pepe does not have a poor fitness record (touch wood), and if your referring to the rumor of us scouting Lloris, I don't see him sitting on the bench waiting or just playing Europa and League Cup matches.

        While if Pepe did leave Lloris would be a great pick up, I'd rather see Reina stay. He's a top class keeper, in addition to provider of the ball, as well as being a natural leader for the team.

        To be honest however I'd not put much stock in either story, but especially the French connection. If we've not figured it out yet, business at the club is no longer conducted in the press. That won't stop papers trying to guess, invent or anything else, but until an official announcement we know its only paper talk.

    • lol t1tricky at it again...... everytime you open your mouth, you put your foot in it... lloris is being scouted as a potential replacement for reina... have you not noticed the trend under the king? if a player does not want to play for the club, he is shown the door.. reina has voiced as much in the past, so no doubt he's off.... while a good shot stopper, he regularly flaps at crosses in the box and hence our abysmal record at defending from set pieces over the past few seasons..... lloris will do nicely as long as he wants to play for the club... obrigado!!!!

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      • Sorry but no way Jose. Steer and others are right. LFC does not do business in the press and talk of new keepers is press speculation and nothing more. Why on earth would Reina say he is committed then leave? Answer that please if your point is to carry any weight.
        Also, I´d be interested in the names of players who have been shown the door so far by Kenny. Poulsen and Jovanovic havent played much and nor has Cole but so far as I am aware, they have not been "Shown the door" as you put it. Discuss please or go back to sleep.