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  • Miguel Miguel May 23, 2011 01:02 Flag

    Glad the season is over

    Our last two games have seen us regress to performances (I wonder about the accuracy of that word) which are no better than anything we did under Benitez and Hodgson. Today, as last week, we were dire. I lost count of the number of times we gave the ball away, our positioning was dreadful and we missed sitters. Our lack of ball control all over the pitch was woeful and I think Friedel made one save from Meireles the whole game. Meanwhile, virtually every pass whether long or short or even from a hoofed clearance by Villa found a Villa player - often in acres of space - and they passed the ball around us with consumate ease. It was horrible to watch and there is a huge rebuilding job to do this summer. I am not confident we will be any better next season and even the KK magic seems to have disappeared. We can but hope for better in 2011 -12.

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    • Last two games the team looked as they wanted the season over too. Its been only four months since new management came in and I think we were all getting carried away. Plenty of hard work over the summer, a couple of new faces and give the young lads a shout and next season might be good. One thing next season is going to be very tough, manure aresnal will strenthen but mancity will blow everyone out of the park. Cant wait..

    • Bit harsh I recon. Yes we need some investment in the squad over the summer, and yes the last two results have been disappointing, but just like we should not get carried away when we get one or two good results, we should not get carried away from two bad ones.

      Besides, I don't think I saw them in the same light you did, at least in the second half when it seemed to me they upped the tempo in an effort to get a result. In fact I was a bit shocked that you thought Friedal had only made one save, so I took a look at the stats as I was sure we looked a bit better than that around the Villa goal mouth. In fact we had we had 12 shots, 2 on target saved by Frieda, 6 off target, and 4 blocked, of which 2 were on target and blocked inside the 6 yard box. Not bad considering Villa only managed a total of 8 shots.

      Disappointing yes, not as good as we've come to expect under KK, yes, but imo the back was broken last week when we lost to Spurs, so to expect much more in what always looked like a meaningless game away from home maybe asking a bit much. But we should be looking forward to a good summer, and much better things to come.

    • clearly didnt watch the match as we were nowhere near awful just a little stale had several chances (just a meireles one my arse) you were probably just reading the matchcast tbh we were the better side just didnt convert any chances and you seriously need to remember how many first teamers are missing ffs gerrard agger johnson carroll maxi all missing and spearing was injured early on. we have over achieved with the personnel that we have had available and to label the performance hodgson esque is stupid especially considering that roy would have got beaten even with all the players i mention above available.

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      • Liam, the fact first team players were missing is nothing to do with the way their standins performed yesterday and against Tottenham. Largely the same group of players thrashed Birmingham and Fulham remember? Where I will agree with you is that they overperformed on those occasions but the cohesion was missing in our last two games and that says more about character and consistency and motivation than it does about ability. Our team performance yesterday was inferior to Villa´s and we could have lost 4 - 1 had they not missed clear chances and Friedel not saved Meireles side foot effort.The fact remains, there is a long way to go before we mount a true title challenge but at least we can concentrate on the league next season and aim for a euro qualification for the season beyond.

    • agreed we hav been awful the last two games the inqust begins now

      on the upside kennys in charge and the transfer window opens at 9 pm tonight that is the domestic window the europeon window opens next sunday at 9 pm

      so what can we expect from now till the new season starts lots of links with players we don,t want as well as lots of speculation about our players moving on

      anyway thank go its over time to move on

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      • I'm glad it's over in the sense that it's just been such a long and tumultous season with so many highs and lows, unfortunately more lows, but the overall feeling is there was alot of progress made, despite the last two results where I think it was literally a team that peaked and played out of their boots for as long as they could, some better than they actually may be and just simply ran out of gas in the tank..

        I think the squad, and based on the last 2 performances not only needs a clear out and pretty decent sized overhaul, needs a re-evaluation even of players who are young/re-signed or on loan too, not just the older overpaid underperforming squaddies..