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  • A Yahoo! User May 23, 2011 04:02 Flag

    Glad the season is over

    I think the last 2 resukts are a good thing. Hopefully they have put a break on some of the more fanciful expectations which were beginning to float around, like Liverpool winning the title, and have reminded people that despite the progress that has been made there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.And yes you are right the first step is an overhaul of the Liverpool squad. Take upfront, Suarez and Carroll have the makings of a great partnership but where are the backup strikers? Where are the widemen to put in the crosses that Carroll will thrive on?

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    • Wide players, particularly the left wing will have be addressed and in every fans mind priority #1. Outside of Yossi, who wasn't a true winger, and the occasional glimpse from Babel who didn't want to apply himself, and Riera in drips and drabs, I can't recall in all my years anything that genuinely made me truly excited or threatened the opposing right backs.. This summer has to be, enough is enough..

      As for the backup strikers, I have a few thoughts. I think Dirk Kuyt, despite scoring 13 goals will and probably has to be slowly adapted to a rotational role and focus strictly on being the 3rd option up front or occasionally figuring on the right only in an advanced role. After that, the club have to make a decision on Ngog and Pacheco this summer. Ngog might benefit from a loan or just move on for profits, and something has to be figured out on Pacheco's role or the same. And finally, I do think someone else who can accept, adapt and thrive in that 3rd/impact striker role but can be depended on as quality enough to start in important games if need be, that's a very fine line... I'm hopeful Carroll can get his fitness up to top notch this summer because I'm a bit weary of him recovering from a thigh and now having injured his knee twice and not even being able to train whatsoever.... Also, another story for another thread, but it seems the team is dramatically more fluent, quicker, and dangerous when he's been out of the side, excluding the City match.. and that's all. For now chalk it up to injuries and fitness, to be very optimistic (but cautious)..