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  • Loki Loki May 25, 2011 04:17 Flag

    Aguero wants to leave Atleti

    I think this guy would be perfect for us on the right behind Carrol and with Suarez on the left. He'd cost a few bob but so what ? - he's 22 years old!

    What are your thoughts fellas?

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    • Or, if we are going to dump Aquilani, what about trying to prize Alvaro Barragan from Porto? wouldnt that make Suarez happy having another uruguayan..

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      • I love the idea of making another raid into Porto.. ie - Meireles, and they are a club known for finding, growing, producing and shipping, though looks next year they are set to be a serious contender in Europe. But if we were to buy anyone, I'd go right after Falcao, who had something like 36 goals in all competitions and seems to draw no attention or top top price demands..

        But anyhow, in a world where we are buying another top tier striker like Kun Aguero, or Falcao, that would be almost throwing in the towel on a top tier left winger (assuming/hoping he produces, when/if signed, Marveaux, aside) and we'd be almost an exclusively 4-3-3 team which forces Suarez wide, then the newly aquired prized striker wide and Andy in the middle and I see a Chelsea-esque situation where it doesn't accomodate anyone properly..

        It's got to be a left winger, left back, center back, rw, then maybe striker and the formation can shape up to a proper 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2, occasionally 4-2-3-1 based on the midfield depth.. That's how I see it anyways...

    • No doubt he's quality, and the front 3 you name is mouth watering. Also I got to think Athletico at some point will have to let him go if they don't invest in their squad, no matter what size buy out clause they have on his contract, as he deserves to be playing at a bigger club.

      However, as you say the price will not be cheap, and n all honesty I'm not sure he's the missing piece of the puzzle or even close to our top priority. While very good, not sure he provides any more than we already get from Suarez, so basically you get two similar players either side of Carroll. And, I'm not sure that helps unlock Carroll's real potential. To get that I think we need width with pace that can get quality balls into the box, and or better service (not just long balls) from the back.

      Going for Aguero means less money to spend elsewhere and imo our biggest outlay needs to be on at least 1 (left) winger and possibly 2, followed by an LB. Also I think he might upset a balanced squad by forcing us to play more with 3 up front. Its not a bad formation, but with Carroll up front I'd rather us play more often 2 up front to get the best out of him.

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      • If this is in fact true, my money's on him going to Chelsea or Man City... Chavs had been rumored with him for 2 years now, and they can offer plenty of cash for him, City might be able to do the same if/when they sell Tevez.

        He is a wonderfully gifted striker and I'd take him in a heartbeat, but he's definitely not top priority right now and would eat up almost every penny we have to spend that needs to fix 4-5 other positions...

        I'm going to patient until next year, but generally speaking, I wish that we had been more patient and not bought Carroll, perhaps took the money and Sturridge and then had an abundance of cash to bid on another top drawer Striker who more resembled Torres style, which partnered with Suarez and a true left winger would be a devastating attack... Nothing against Andy, I think he can and will do well, but he's going to be in Torres shadow as far as style of play, and I'd loved to be in a realistic position for an Aguero, Mario Gomez, Higuain type players who may be available..

        I just want attractive, entertaining, attacking football, played neatly and fast along the pitch, with the ability to have some aerial threat, but not rely on it as a sole strategy which has, and I fear may happen more when we get pressed high, or the midfield doesn't have a commanding game..

    • Loki agree with you that if we are to climb the ladder we have to go for the best, but no matter how much money we have you still have spend it correctly. Picking up Kun seems to me will be similar to a move City did resulting in a stable of strikers all expecting first team action, so that Bellemy and Ade had to be loaned out.

      If we do have money to spend then an upgrade of our third/fourth choice striker maybe in order, but for me and I think most that is after upgrades in other areas with my priorities being wings then LB. Who knows how much we'll actually have to spend, but I'd rather spend a larger fee on a proven top quality Left winger with real pace and forgo a back up striker.

    • I think your dreaming, you got more chance of signing Heskey again.

    • A striker is on your list?

      I thought the combined weight of Liverpool fans' thought was that getting rid of Torres and Babel and buying Suarez and Carroll to replace them gave you the premiership's best forward line for the next decade.

      Or did I miss something?


    • Heskey!!!