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  • I got a little goosepimpley when he said he would never rule out a return but lets be honest, it wont be happening anytime soon! Maybe in a couple more seasons we can fit him in once more.

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    • Hobs did you see the interview with Alonso on lfc? The interview was great, and I have so much respect for him and think of him sort in a legendary status if nothing else but for his fondness and appreciation for LFC and everyone in Liverpool ..

      I loved hearing him say he'd return, but agree, like you say, it won't happen soon and probably won't really be feasible since he's 29, starting for the biggest (also most pathetic and embarassing collection of money bags) club in Madrid, competing in CL and this year should push Barca to the brink on all fronts.

      Maybe he'd be available when 32 or so, I'd love him back even as a spot role player for that killer ball, but fees and age might prohibit it. I think becoming a coach would be brilliant and in the cards!