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  • M M Jun 10, 2011 13:56 Flag

    Damien Comolli - Signings

    loki - i am happy that we are being linked and are buying good decent young players - i've already said that.

    you say you don't care what they cost as long as they are good for the team and doesn't compromise our spending power in the future - well, THAT is the point! by paying big money now, there is the risk that if these signings do not come off for us, we could be severely handicapped in future transfer markets. there is a difference paying big money for young promising players on one hand, and on the other, paying for established quality. example, paying £28m for Torres vs £35m for Carroll.

    furthermore, if the scouting system is so great now, then i want to see them bringing in young players who will turn out to be the next jordan henderson or andy carroll - but not having to pay silly money for them.

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    • M what your saying makes a lot of sense, however it rests on a single assumption that spending big on players like Carroll or Henderson is going to compromise spending on other players. That is something we just don't know yet, and won't at least until the end of the transfer window.

      Of course we'd all like to get players before their valuation goes up, but so would every other club in the country. But it’s a lot easier to say we should have bought Henderson 2 yeas ago, than actually going out and identifying who the next Henderson actually is.

      I'm sure we'll be going for a number of younger players as well, but if they turn out to be the next big thing only time will tell. But doing that should not stop us from also going for more senior players who can slot right into the squad now, as well as players like Henderson and Carroll who have already been identified as future quality, hence the large fee's, but could be part of the senior squad for years to go. I assume we can do all that, but that's just me being optimistic as usual.