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  • Les-Paul Les-Paul Jun 9, 2011 18:37 Flag

    Ngog staying?

    Anyone know why? I had my car started and was ready to drive him to Sunderland.

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    • Colin, I think you've made my point for me. That being, conjecture is not fact, but the more often it is repeated the more people are fooled into believing it is.

      Now it makes logical sense for KK and the club to look at all the players from a cost benefit standpoint. Anyone taking up a place on the roster, and drawing any wage but not really contributing need to considered replaceable. More so for older players whose worth in the re-sale market is dropping all the time, and who's wages may reflect their ability 2 or 3 years ago but not now.

      But that blanket statement is a long way from assuming N'Gog or any of the younger players the previous regime bought in on the cheap hoping some of them would develop into top shelf players, are on high wages.

      There maybe good reasons pro and con N'Got, or any player for that matter staying or being shipped out. But the wage they are making cannot really enter that equation if we don't know what that wage actually is. I'm sure the club will take it into account as they obviously have that information, but for us outside its pure conjecture.

    • Here's an interesting link guys... makes no direct mention of Ngog's salary but rather that he is not really figuring into the picture, however drawing the most interest of our players to go, not counting today's news of Maxi..

      Jovanovic is a nightmare, terrible signing, terrible attitude and terrible player. Aqua, though a high quality player is starting to become the same issue because of his transfer fee and wages... Curiously, though not completely shocking, Agger is on the list, but I've not read or heard anything, but I suppose he has the highest sale value of any because if he can play he's top class, but I think now it's time to weigh that option versus 1 or 2 players that can be brought in like Scott Dann etc...

    • dsteer...of course none of us are party to what is inked into the contract for most players wages. However there was much conjecture that players signed during the Benitez/Hodge era were given pretty damned lucrative contracts for the level of ability they possessed. Also there has been talk , very recently, of how KK may well be about to offload certain players of a certain age who happen to also be :high salary earners:...witness the talk today about the what seems to be the imminent departure of Maxi.

    • Colin, do you have anything that shows what N'Gog's wages are? To be honest I've never seen an article or anything telling about the high wages he's getting, but it has been mentioned so many times on here its started to take on the smell of fact, even though we have no idea what high actually means.

      Also, if we do know the number how do we compare that? Anyone know what the back up strikers at other top half clubs get? If Sunderland are in for him, what about the wages for the strikers at bottom half clubs? Just like to understand what he gets, what he's worth, etc.

    • dsteer...Sunderland had a catastrophic problem late season with literally ALL their strikers injured and out long term...their season fell apart as a result. Obviously they more than any other Prem side were and are in need of strike power so perhaps at the money Ngog even were he to end up a squad player and back up to others looks like a reasonable buy.
      For me I think if he wee to stay the best option for both him and the club is a season long loan where he proves he has the stuff for somebody to stump up the cash and buy him or for him to then return to the club and compete after proving himself season long as a starter elsewhere....Sunderland ?

    • Dave,
      I just like to think that in some instances out there, there are players and even managers aren't in it just for money and content to do nothing, just look at Roberto Martinez decision today. So, when I say I'm being naive it's just because every time I've seen Ngog, while he's not always done or played how I/we'd like, I can't remember any glaring particular instances where he wasn't trying his best, and even my former beloved Torres did that blatantly even in good times with petulant behavior at the least, which I never liked (ie- kicking the chalk at the spot for a *Webb* pk decision @ Trafford which surprisingly didn't result in a red and unprescedented double pk...)

      Also, and I think you're one to agree, Ngog had always had incredible pressure on him, and immense boots to fill, as even when injury prone or subbed off, Torres was considered by many or most, the best striker in the world, and he was running out there as a lone striker as early as 18, and skinny as a pole but showed tiny glimpses here and there. This year he looked as if he massively bulked up (by his standards), and he's still got the frame for more, and his early season form in Europa and opening day stunner vs Arsenal were so encouraging.. so perhaps it's in him, and he just needs regular football. I recall several teams in rumors the past 2 years, Birmingham, West Brom, Wigan and now Sunderland who are easily the best of the bunch, and now it seems he's agreed to negotiate with them, so good for him, good for us in that we'll get some funds and open a roster spot which will hopefully be filled by Wickham, if not, perhaps someone we're not even expecting..!

      I'll be interested to see how he does, and pull for him 36 times a year, and maybe somewhere down the road we'll say good deal or bad deal, but end of the day we'll make a profit and be better for it (unless he does become Henry of course)!

    • Les, no idea, but I'd not read too much into the speculation until we get hard news from the club, which we know won't be until the ink is dry. But, maybe you can keep the car running, just might not be heading North, but heading somewhere else instead.

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      • Doesn't seem Ngog was forced out the door, but rather given the opportunity to be part of the deal and join a club that had genuine interest in him, and as of now it seems he isn't interested or perhaps the terms didn't suit. Personally, in his best interest, I think he couldn't have landed himself a better opportunity than going to Sunderland where he'd be given a shot to start immediatley next to Gyan, at worse compete for a regular role... Assuming we are in for Wickham, which based on the club's ambitions and rumored available funds seems likely, he's looking at 5th striker w LFC, so one way or another he's going.

        From Damien Comolli:
        Sunderland have had a strong interest in David, so we've agreed to let David speak to Sunderland about his future to see if he's interested in going there. They've expressed a strong interest, so we'll see what's next for him.