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  • John John Jun 10, 2011 20:00 Flag

    food for thought

    Food for thought, S.A.F ambushed jones and Young from under Liverpool's nose which if you ask true man u fans not the glory hunters, and they will admit both players was a little bit of a surprise buy. i be-leave Alex Ferguson is worried about Liverpool's very own king Kenny and is going to try out buy players we after because he knows king Kenny has an eye for talent,

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    • He's done that for years, remember we were in for Vidic before them and he nicked him too.

      I want Aguero, Kjaer and perhaps Downing, maybe we should have a pop at Cahill too....we would have an awesome squad then! Its all about CL footy for most of these players though, and whether we could attract them. If we don't get in to the CL this year, I think we will be snookered in attracting the very best.

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      • I don't think, though I'd love to be wrong, there's any chance we will be getting Aguero, especially since he's been contacted by and hinted at a move to that embarassment called Real Madrid. Just like Coentrao, we'll never win a heads up vs those goons..(though I can always dream we'll sign Ozil !!)

        We're barely scratching the surface on what the clubs seems to have planned for this window, and particularly in a surprise with Henderson upon the usual suspects that are repeatedly linked, but in reference to not attracting players who want CL football, I don't think that's going to be much of an issue because they are putting together a squad of young, long term and ready made players who are in it to win it now and all seem committed, on top of existing quality veterans. This clubs is going to have balance of commitment and talent... Kenny's through and through!