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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 10, 2011 17:50 Flag

    food for thought

    Now I know Young was a target for us, and for many of us our first choice compared with for example with Downing, but its looks unlikely he'll come but instead with opt for OT. However there is also a rumor that Nani maybe on his way out, either to fund Young and other areas where they need to invest, or maybe because Young coming has unsettled him.

    So my question is, not looking at the relative benefits of the two Villa players, Young and Downing, but the larger equation, if Young goes to United but the lose Nani, and we get Downing, which has strengthen more from their previous position?

    Young imo is the better player, but is he better than Nani? He's more consistent, and being English helps the roster, but do they get any better? Downing may not be what we wanted, but would he improve us?

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    • Man U fans might argue - but anything with 2 legs, 2 eyes and an ability to cross will be a 'win' for us, given our current status.

      Without this I think that the £35M spent on Carroll will become the elephant in the room....forgoing all the arguments about the inflated fee we got for Torres - he needs to deliver big time next year & he needs someone to provide a bit of width...etc.

      Interesting times.

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      • Dave/Bill,

        Personally speaking in ManUtd's situation, if it's 1 in and 1 out, they are getting a better overall player who is more well rounded in Young, but Nani is the more "explosive" player of the two and younger. If they keep both in a eutopian world that would be a ridiculous gain, and very well could happen, but if they lose Nani it's still an upgrade imo, but slightly.

        The overall situation as it regards to us is, Young never really even seemed to consider us, so like Kenny says, if they don't want to come, we don't want them. Now for me and most of us, not true, however, with Downing seemingly to be the next best option and then Nzogbia, it represents a larger upgrade simply because Downing has developed into a fine player, even better than where most rated him early season and fits a position where we've had nothing at all for years. Not only that, but like Bill says, it's vital to get the very best and enhance Carroll's potential too, because I hate to say this, but fitness/injury aside, he's got to really fill his boots big time very quickly.

        End of the day, it's a win for both clubs, but represents a much larger upgrade and value to Liverpool because it essentially impacts 2 positions with 1 player... and allows us to see what we've got in that 35M purchase..

    • True enough Bill. It might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we've struggled wide for a long time. We've either hand pace (Babel, Jova) but no or little technique, or skill (Cole, Maxi) but little or no pace.

      I posed the thought however as I really think United are going to get Young who is a player I really wanted. However while I'm sure they will crow over there ability to steal one of our targets, if they get him but also lose Nani, I'm not sure if they will have done themselves any favors, and while Downing may not be perfect he's got bags of pace and a great left foot. My main criticism of him, and this is mainly memories from his Middlesboro days, is he's got no right foot, can struggled for goals when the club needed him to step up and get his foot behind the ball.

    • dsteer...would Downing improve us...no dont think so. Robben though I think would but the injury question is always there, what I think is that we need somebody with the quality of Robben not injury prone younger and have to be ready to stump up for such a player if we are to improve and quite possibly mount a serious Title challenge this next season.

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      • Not sure I'd say he won't improve us, as anyone with pace who can provide good delivery would improve us in my opinion. One its a threat down the left side that will casue full backs worry (not something they've had to worry much about as our wingers on the left have either cut in side or have been slower than paint drying). Beside until we provide real service to Carroll we'll not get the best out of him, and when there is a threat of real service to Carroll, even more space will open up for Suarez to do his magic.

        But I get your point he's not exactly what we were looking for. Robben I'd not touch with a 10 foot barge pole. One the injury worries you mention, but I also get the sense he plays for himself not a team, so got to say no thanks. But the quality on the ball, married to speed, and the ability to put a pin point ball into the box is what we need.

        That player is not going to be cheap, and if we have the money I still think it should be the priority. However, while a number of names have come up from European leagues, Comoli's interview this week also got me thinking. British, or prem experience players seem to be what they are after, or at least what they put a premium on. So unproven player looking great in the French league but untested against quality defenses, versus a good player who's doing in consistently in the prem?

    • So it'd be fair to say if either or both of them happen to be on the team sheet in the starting 11, or prominent roles as impact subs @ Euros 2012, you'll be laughing when the 3 Lions play too?

      Injury, age, and/or form could very well see that..