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    Villas Boas @ Chelsea

    I know this isn't Liverpool news, however I think it relates to a broader scope of the English game.

    Chelsea have just appointed Villas Boas(VB from here on in) as their new manager and lets look at his history.

    He is the youngest manager to win the UEFA Cup/Europa League, he has broken all kinds of records in Portugal, include a few set by Mourinho such as most games unbeat in a season, VB's 36 to Mourinho's 33, and is now one of the youngest, if not the youngest ever top flight manager in Football League history.

    This has all been done without any previous playing experience, rather he has taken advantage of various situations as a coach to advance his career.

    I think this is quite the exciting prospect and you have to give Chelsea credit for giving such as young manager a chance. It does however raise the question, is this the start of a new era of young managers getting chances at big clubs and advancing the game with modern methods, or is it a one off.

    In my opinion it reminds me of when Ady Boothroyd came to the premier league with Watford i believe it was, where he too was a very young manager, only 35 when he came to the premier league, however after failing to keep Watford up, which in Chelsea's case would likely be the equivalent of dropping out of the top 4, not making it through the group stages of the CL, he fell into relative obscurity. With Roman Abramovich's penchant for firing managers on a whim, could this be detrimental to his future career.

    Additionally you do have to question whether players such as Drogba and Lampard, who are both 33 themselves, will show the same level of respect to him as they would to an older more experienced man.

    I've had my two penneth worth, what do the rest of you think?

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    • "Additionally you do have to question whether players such as Drogba and Lampard, who are both 33 themselves, will show the same level of respect to him as they would to an older more experienced man."

      They already know Villas-Boas as he was part of Mourinho's team while he was there. It isn't like a stranger stepping into the role; they know each other already.

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      • Risk? What risk? Too young to command respect? Bulls, if age is a determining factor, Hodgson should be their manager! I think VB signing is excellent, but then Chelsea has the tendency to press the self-destruct button by appointing Hiddick as Director of Football, two strong characters mixed in a pot, stupid Russian!

    • Having a manager and a Director of Football is generally a recipe for trouble for the reason you give. In the case of Mourinho, moving in Grant and expecting Mourinho to yield some decision-making was an absurd thing to do.

      However, in this case there may be a good rationale. VB's weaknesses are probably a lack of top-flight experience and the difficulty of commanding the squad and standing up to Abramovich. I think Hiddink could help with both. If VB accepts him as part-time Chairman to his CEO then the two could make a great partnership. Hiddink seems not to want and seems unable to be a full-time club coach but who better as a guy to help when things get a bit rough. Also, Hiddink seems to carry as much weight with Abramovich as anyone. He could be an excellent mediator between manager and owner if and when things get a bit sticky.

      Naturally I hope for and look for the best outcome. But I genuinely believe VB having Hiddink around looks like a big bonus, where a more accomplished manager having another guy hanging around would be a problem.


    • Seems to me Chelsea are taking a huge risk. Yes their new man has run hot in competition at a very tender age, but running away with the Portuguese league and cup with one of the most dominant clubs in the country, and winning the Europa League does not necessarily mean he can do it in the prem, and of course the CL which is what Roman really wants.

      Any club in the prem would be a step up, a top 4 club expected to challenge for honors even a higher step, and Chelsea of all clubs is walking into the fish bowl. I wish him the best (actually 2nd best), but do think its a huge risk.

      Actually I'd think of it this way, two of our major rivals are pinning their hopes on two key positions on young, and yet unproven on the larger stage names. United (of course not yet confirmed) with De Gea to take over from VDS, and Chelsea with Villas Boas as manager. My prediction (don't count on it I'm not good at predictions) is one will succeed while the other will stumble. Not sure which, but just seems likely the odds for both or either is only 50/50 imo.

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      • Yes, it's a risk. Sacking Ancelotti and appointing Mr A. Nother was a risk, just as sacking Mourinho was, way back in history. And yes, it's a bigger risk that he has had so little time in top club football. On the other hand, it's a smaller risk that he has already had three years at Chelsea and so presumably the club/Roman/VB based the decision on a significant amount of experience.

        Best case, in a year or two the decision looks like genius and Mourinho is yesterday's man. Worst case (for Chelsea), back where we started several of the last few seasons.

        Anyway, it's given us all something more interesting to talk about.


    • Chelsea are trailblazers no other tram would have the minerals to appoint a young manager