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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 22, 2011 13:07 Flag

    Villas Boas @ Chelsea

    Liverpool appointed Kenny Dalglish in 1985 at 34 years old.

    What were you saying?.

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    • not sure whether this was in reference to my post or gray's but i'll try to clarify.

      I consider Kenny to be an anomaly in that he was young but he was also an integral part of Liverpool when he became manager and certainly with reference to player's respect, he had already earned it.

      I guess in a nutshell my point is do you think that AVB's appointment is a great opportunity for a young manager or a potential stumbling block if he doesn't live up to RA's standards.

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      • I'd say its a huge risk, and more likely to be a step back for young managers. He could of course be a success, and I would not like to wish anyone hard luck, even a rival. In fact I hope he does well, and is actually 2nd best next term.

        However I think at Chelsea he has the deck stacked against him, or at least will have hurdles put in front of him that would not be there if he'd gone elsewhere.

        Chelsea are not going to be patient, they are not going to be nurturing, they are going to expect him to fly immediately. Forget needing to win silverware, if he stumbles in Oct he could be gone, and stumble is not being mid table in the 2nd or 3rd month of the season, but more than 6 or 7 points off first.

        But, the man would not have taken the job unless he had supreme confidence in himself, and while he maybe just interested in Roman's money, he seems too smart to risk ruining his career just as its getting started, so I assume he thinks he'll succeed, so maybe the match of hubris is a match made in heaven.