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  • Frank Frank Jun 23, 2011 03:05 Flag

    Be very, very afraid!

    -------------------- Cech ---------------------
    --------- Pastore ---------Lampard---------


    That's two first elevens capable of challenging for the title. And we have Van Aanholt, Bruma, and McEachran coming through to provide additional cover in defence and midfield. All we need is a creative playmaker and/or winger. Pastore, anyone?

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    • Think you got lost and posted on the wrong message board, but anyhow, since we like Robert 95% of the time, and seem to discuss Chelsea a little bit as a somewhat neutral rival.. OK

      With the addition of Pastore to your 2 line ups, and or perhaps a Luka Modric, those are the identical players that struggled for form, consistency, are aging, and some on their way out, paired with a new manager while highly touted, with no experience in the league.. all mixed in with the fact that they competed for no titles, no trophies and no champions league this past season..

      And, you neglect to face the reality whether you like him or not. Fernando Torres cost you 50M and will line up on opening day as your striker and is your immediate future. Any subsequent additions brought in would be directly to supplement and enhance his skills as the 4-3-3 does not suit him, ie-Modric, Pastore, Sneijder etc etc

      Not even Mancini and the Sheiks with their disgusting embarassment of riches are stupid enough to purchase a world class player for 50M, not accomodate to him, and then furthermore not plan for the new season around him..

      I don't quite think Pastore, if your only addition is quite enough to scare the pants off United who have added Ashley Young, or even this so so Liverpool side who did the double without Suarez, Carroll, and any of the many players we are looking to bring in.. Sorry Charlie

    • Turnbull and ferrera are both dog doo.

      Pastore will not be a Chelsea player.

      Anelka, Drogba, Malouda and Lampard are fading.

      Essien seems a shadow of the midfielder he used to be.

      Zhirkov has no idea himself what position he is meant to play or how to play there.

      You will get Falcao and he will partner Torres. That is the partnership your side will be looking too.

      We arent afraid, you should be afraid of Drogba and Lampard stealing your managers lunch money and telling him whos taking the free kicks.....

    • u mean Polish...and not Czech

    • Wrong.