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  • ianburns252 ianburns252 Jul 11, 2011 16:39 Flag

    Central defender

    I agree that we a pretty well stocked CB wise, however I would much prefer Kelly at RB as i think he has both the pace and positional sense to do well there. I've been told by a friend who is working for Hull FC(I know the dreaded insider knowledge bs) that they want to take Ayala on loan again this season, which is something I'd support, give him another season to develop then bring him back and see what he has got. I don't think we need anyone, but if someone in the mould of Jan Vertonghen at Ajax were to become available(he has Agger's calm and technique, but is a hard man aswell) I would certainly advocate bringing him in

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    • I think the central issue here is how much confidence does KK and his staff have in Agger. IMO we have 3 first choice CB's in Carra, Skrtel, and Agger. The rest are either still developing their trade, or like Soto while they can still do a back up job, are on the downward slide of their careers.

      I think we need at least 3 top quality CB's maybe 4 considering Carra's age and therefore the risk he may not be at his best for every match. But the real issue is can we depend on Agger? When fit, he is a classy player who not only defends very well, but is that rare breed of CB that can play out of the back. However his history of injuries has to be taken into consideration. Its not a matter of liking or disliking the lad, but a cold cost benefit analysis the club needs to look at.

      If the risk is too high, then he needs to be sold for whatever we can get and a Cahill or a Dann brought in. Beyond that I think we'll see both Ayala and Wilson feature in pre-season so hopefully KK can determine whether they have progressed to become our number 3 or 4 CB, whether they need a loan spell to develop more, or if we need to cut our losses.

      Personally I'd hope Agger can put his injuries behind him, but I have a nagging feeling that maybe a risky wish. So I'm expecting one proven CB to be bought between now and the end of Aug.