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  • Jason Jason Jul 20, 2011 23:24 Flag

    Marco Bueno, Liverpool..

    I'm sure by now everyone's probably come across some sort of news regarding the 17 Mexican striker being dubbed "the next Javier Hernandez", so I just figured I start a thread / convo about him, having only seen glimpses of highlights. I did read he was their key performer/striker in the World Cup and helping them win the U-17 Trophy, so that's good, but you hate to give such a young talented player a standard to live up to.

    Chicharito burst onto the scene incredibly well, almost similar to that of Torres arrival so it's hard to imagine anyone could replicate that, however, since he's apparently about to finalize the deal to join for a 10 day trial, and if he impresses the reports suggest he will sign a 5 year deal, so at age 17 he could very well blossom into something just as promising as Chich or El Nino in time.

    Certainly working with Kenny, Clarke and around the highly experienced, class players we have, I find it hard to imagine he wouldn't be successful in his trial and at least get put in with the reserves, perhaps make a cameo in the senior team if Ngog moves on or someone is injured..

    Anyone know anything else about the player? I don't want to set the bar high and be disappointed but he does sound promising and here's about the best clip I can find..

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    • He hasn't earned himself the nickname over here at the LFC Supporters Club of NYC, "the garbage man", for nothing!

      He always cleans up..

      I swear that ball Suarez put through 4 peoples legs was going in on it's own!

    • I bet! He seemed to find his best position about 3 yards of the goal line :)

    • We'll see, jason, but getting him at 17 is a bonus for your coaches, they can instill their ideas at a young age.

    • If it were any1 but you and few other reliable posters on here I'd have thought.. "oh here we go a wishlist player"..

      So with that being said I'll take this in the serious way it was meant..

      If we can get this guy and he's in the Hernandez / Ronaldo mould (assuming AF doesn't nab him).. then he could well be a hot prospect.. Ijust hope we don't loan him out never to be seen again..

      Even though I've meantioned Dalle Valle as being such a hot prospect and seems he came to nothing.. Whether was due to us having a crappy coaching set up at the time and disn't get the best out of him or he simply was over-hyped in the first place?

      In any case I just hope the weight of expectation doesn't knock the confidence out of a supposed "the next..." .. (fill tin he blank of the hot player of the moment)..

      In answer to you orginal query Jason.. I dunno anything about rthe player you mentioned..In truth I don't have my ears and eyes out for the next hot player we might be getting.. I just hope he benefits the team.. As thats whats important here.. The team's ongoing success..

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      • Theres quite a lot of hype surrounding the kid at the moment and he has a great sounding name as well :)
        If hes on a 10 day trial and negotiationg a move then that would suggest he isnt ready to start putting them in the onion bag at Premier league level.
        I dont think I like the way people are even considering mentioning names like Best/Keegan/Ronaldo/Torres as having any similarity to Hernandez.
        He scored 13 goals, the same as Carroll and Kuyt. He was a revelation, yes, but because the expectation level was low. He has great finishing ability and excellent movement. For sure, he will score lots of goals, but hes not 'that' good.

    • Haven't seen him Jason.

      With regards to Chicarito, he performed amazingly well and I think that even SAF was very surprised at his rapid development.

      I think your comments about the difficulty of replicating that are wise, Chicarito came in with low expectations.

      It's much harder to be the next Chicarito/Best/Keegan etc, than the original.

      At 17, he sounds as if he may be a good medium term prospect and I agree that he will have a very good learning environment at Anfield.