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  • Ralf S Ralf S Jul 21, 2011 12:48 Flag

    Marco Bueno, Liverpool..


    It's too early to call Hernandez yet, he could regress this season or go on to be a great, time will tell.

    The point I was making is that it is very difficult when someone is labelled as 'the next............'

    Hernandez did score 'only' 13 goals, but the impact at Old Trafford was way beyond that, he kep us in touch with the league when Rooney was playing well below par and he kept the premier league top scorer (at the time) out of the first team.

    Remember his 13 goals came from 15 starts and 12 subs, that's an excellent striking rate. By comparison, Dirk Kuyt scored 13 from 32 starts and 1 sub - still pretty tidy, 0.4 goals per game, versus Hernadez's 0.48. But you expect Kuyt to perform strongly, Hernandez was relatively unknown.

    To burden Marco Bueno with the expectation of such an immediate impact is, to my way of thinking, completely wrong.

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    • Yes, Hernandez had an excellent first season and looks a very decent player. Kuyt did play wide right most of the season to be fair and in an, at times, struggling side.
      Im not labeling anyone, what my point is, that we shouldnt be labeling the kid as anything at all. Especially not the new Chicharito as he himself is merely a talented boy at the moment who is trying to become a somebody still. He could just as easily become a Lineker or Shevchenko as a Jeffers or Alliadiere.

      If we sign this Bueno lad, I doubt we will see him on the pitch for a long time.

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      • "Kuyt did play wide right most of the season to be fair "

        I wish he had stayed on the wide right when we played you at Anfield last season ;-)

      • It's very tough these days, especially in the society we live in today where everyone wants bigger and better than what they have or the next person. I would personally never label a player without seeing them, perhaps I'd say they remind me of so and so.. But, coming with a lofty name tag association alone can lead to failure..

        I don't think it's anyone's fault here for calling the boy the next Hernandez because from every source I've read, that's how they see him in Mexico. So, if in time, he can replicate Chich's skills then terrific, but obviously at 17 yo it's hard to expect anything more than him outshine his teammates and opponents at the U-18 Cup. That's a good enough start for me, and if/when the arrangement is complete, he's got to then show he can adapt to England in front of Rodolfo, Kenny, and Comolli before anything else should really be said..