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  • Jason Jason Jul 22, 2011 12:04 Flag

    For Hull City...?

    What type of team set up would you guys expect to see tomorrow for Hull City, another mixture split over two halves or perhaps one set for something a bit longer? For me, I know it's still important to see alot of players get a chance, but with bigger matches coming against Galatassaray and Valencia on the horizon, and a few key players being rested I personally think perhaps we should have a team go out for 55-60, and then switch it up a bit. I think it's time for some more fitness from more key players and more importantly, cohesion, especially in the back.

    I'm thinking something like this:


    45 Subs - Doni, Ngog, Maxi, Raul, Flanno, Robinson, Kelly
    60 Subs - Kyrg, Wilson, Downing, Henderson, Coady, Poulsh-t, Ayala, Pacheco

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    • What KK learnt from the match only he can tell you, however I expect he got a good idea or confirmed his existing thoughts, on which individuals he wants to keep, who he wants to move on, who is likely part of the core, and who are more likely to be back up players, and yes that may include an assessment on the back 4 and who he might be thinking to bring in to strengthen in that area. Some prem managers may have looked at the Hull match and feel they've picked up a few tips on how to break us down, but I'd suggest those who think that has given them some advantage over us are very naive in their thinking as I doubt highly we'll see us come out looking anything like what we looked like at the KC stadium.

    • I am not judging anything from this game

      - it's a pre season friendly
      - Hull were probably for more motivated by this game, a bit like a cup game a motivated team can beat a better team on the day, history is littered with examples

      Embarrassing? Yep. A wake up call to some players? Possibly, but I'll watch to see what happens when the real games start.

      Conclusion, I still think you guys are a credible threat to us.

    • dsteer...yes I agree with some of what u say BUT...just what do u think KK might have learnt from this shambolic display at Hull ? I still feel we are soft in the centre of defence and if I can see that then its odds on that the managers of any of our early season Prem opponents will see it clearly too. I think we need to get serious about getting somebody with plenty of Prem experience in and quickly so that we have some time to have that player blend with the side.

    • Its a bit of apples and oranges I think Colin. I don't mean any insult to MLS but I'm not sure Seattle is that much of a challenge, and since it required them to put their big guns on in the second half to pull out a result in Chicago I'm not sure comparing how well United are doing is America versus what we're doing against Championship sides in the UK is much of a bench mark.

      But the real point while I like others hate seeing us lose whether the game means anything or not, its not about what we think or want to see, its about what KK and others can learn to ensure we are best prepared coming the season proper. Losing may sting, but I'd rather do it now and learn a few things, rather than too many times after the season has begun.

    • I understand all of the fitness and blooding new players, plus players in the shop window side of things, but I also hate losing and am a big believer in "winning breeds confidence". Nobody was screaming we're going to win the league after destroying two Asian sides, but at the same time we all had so many positive things to talk about, and the club to build upon..

      Hull was an upgrade vs those sides, and unless Kenny had fielded the entire U17 squad, there was really no excuse to see that score line. At least a 3-2 or 2-1 loss would have had something to gloss over, 3-0 just isn't really acceptable particularly at the back. Defenders are defenders so any back 4's job, whether they be subs, younger, or on their way out, is to keep the ball out of the net.

      I'm not hitting the panic button, but rather just calling it as I see it. Galatassaray are going to be an even greater leap up and that performance won't be acceptable, especially with the final dress rehearsal against Valencia who I think some are understimating... they are a very very good side in Europe with some world class players, and should any starting 11 play like that, Valencia will be licking their chops at Anfield a week before opening day. I know that everyone here is vastly more experienced than me in understanding how Kenny operates, but if there's one thing I've learned from him the better part of a year now is that he's no nonsense, and not into excuses whatsoever. In watching his post match interview, he was clearly not pleased, but managed a proper way of being honest about it without negativity so as to keep confidence high. He said whether it was a friendly or not didn't matter, and I believe the same to a fairly high degree.

    • dsteer...Uniturd put sevenwithout reply past a full strength Seattle Sounders in Seattle we get a pasting 0.3 at ....Hull ???
      Agree pre-season is defo a lot about march fitness and obviously at this stage their lot were much better equipped on that front than we were...problem is that pre-season has also always been about establishing cohesion and more importantly establishing....CONFIDENCE.
      Of course it goes without saying that I have truckloads of confidence that KK has the right strategy and tactics to take us back to the top but what I am a little concerned about is the weakness I see at centre back just dont see who is going to be our starter there and feel it is of the upmost importance that the board get the money into KK's hands to address this problem asap. I see this as top priority or we could find ourselves scoring plenty but maybe leaking even more at the start of the season. Kyrgiacos is NOT good enough too slow clumsy poor first touch no finesse.

    • "Don't read too much into a friendly game. At this stage of the summer, the games are all about fitness and match sharpness."

      Unless it's Arsenal and they win, eh slayer?


    • Tend to agree with engine room Jason. If we had gone out as you had suggested to try and build are strongest starting 11 and worked on the team tactics I'd be concerned, but as it was obvious from the line up alone this was about assessing individuals and not the side let alone the result I'd not worry.

      It maybe nice for us to see our lads put in a bunch of goals like they did in Asia, however for KK and staff they are likely to learn more from how the individuals did when the going got a little tougher than when they were cruising. I'm sure they will also be interested to see what reactions individuals have back on the training ground come Monday morning.

    • Well, that wasn't very good ...

    • Pretty much agree with you Dave, though if we are limited to 6 subs and that seems up in the air unless anyone can truly clarify before tomorrow, I still think it's more important that our "important" players get majority of the starting slots, playing time and subs used..

      In regards to Poulsen, who everyone is very diplomatic about, and you know I hate, he doesn't need another minute on the pitch. Kobenhaven have already stated interest, as well, I've read a couple of Serie A teams, and perhaps as you suggested lower table prem could be interested. For a QPR, or perhaps Sir Roy Hodgson, he can do the job. Nothing else he does on the pitch vs Hull or anyone else is going to help his value, perhaps actually hurt it. As for Cole, he's looked lively and seems determined he can start, but I think we all know that's in jest with Downing on the left and almost certainly Kuyt, Henderson and Maxi on the right, so I think him playing could raise value if he is to depart though Clarke has suggested otherwise.

      I agree the pace of the game in who we've played has not been stellar, but you have to play who's on the schedule and Aquilani has looked nothing short of great, and he did in brief cameos before being loaned, so Hull will be a step up in physicality and speed, not by a mile but worthy enough that he should log minutes to prove he's in the mix to figure big time with the club, or if it comes to pass, fetch the proper bid. I like the lad alot, and he is one that has to play to prove one thing or another.

      I don't see much need for significant minutes for Hansen, Shelvey, Poulsen, perhaps even Pacheco who looks like he needs to go on loan, and maybe the same for either Wilson or Ayala as neither have been overly convincing yet while talented. Kyrg however, needs to get sorted because for me, he's been the worst player on the pitch by a mile and he can't be 3rd choice when Agger sprains a finger... He needs to step it up big time, or get shipped out with someone else commanding that spot. Insua/Robinson should probably both get time..

      But who knows.. Kenny likes to surprise us, doesn't he?

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