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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Aug 22, 2011 14:50 Flag

    Kuyt to Inter..

    If reports are to be believed by Kuyt's agent. Seems Inter want Kuyt.. If they offer silly money for him lets bite their hand off..

    If we sell Aquilani & Kuyt we'd get a good player for that..

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    • Cheers Ralf. Yes very early days, and table is always a little topsy tervy for the first few weeks (Wolves 3rd while Spurs are bottom!) but as you say points in the bank always help, especially against a potential top 4 rival.

    • Please sell him and make sure it is before we play you lot at Anfield ;-)

      Seriously, he's a key player for you and his exit would weaken your options.

      Notice you've made a decent start to the season, still early days, but points in the bank are always good.

    • It isnt going to happen, Kuyt is a red and will still be one this season. Bellamy coming in looks interesting though!

    • I think the idea is not to SIGN players over 27, to increase chances of a possible re-sale later on. They won't get rid of a player just because he's hit 30, it's not Logan's Run!
      I would also be wary of dumping Kuyt, he doesn't score lots of goals, but he tends to score very important ones.
      If KK does decide to let him go(and I believe the reports linking him to Inter are quite old) then it would be wise to replace him with a proven premiership player like Doyle at Wolves.Like Carroll he's scored goals at average clubs and with a better set of players around him could improve much faster.
      We don't have the time for someone from another league to "bed in".The other problem being it's the euros at the end of the season so a regular international will not want to come and sit on the bench and risk their place in the national side.

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      • My gut feeling tells me that Kuyt will stay. Last year even when Rafa was at Inter there was tons of speculation about this. Unless of course, they've offered him ridiculous wages in excess of 80-100 a week and a guaranteed role as a starter.. Other than that Dirk seems to love the club too much and was delighted at signing another year. So it really boils down to if he can accept not starting every match..

        This is also seems to come at a strange time where there's rumors that Utd will make one last attempt at signing Snjeider and Kuyt is deemed as someone who could strengthen them if that happens in which case I'd hope for neither.

        If he wants to go, and the transfer fee is right and we can find someone as adequate or better than him who fits the profile, then so be it. I don't think age, particularly with this guy who seems to eat glass and steel for dinner matters. So, if the sum makes sense and they can do better, maybe it's best but not if it's just for Jordan Henderson to take that role as his own..!

    • I suppose age wise, he is on the wrong side...tough he is still doing the job for us. Any amount above 15m pounds we should take and reinvest. He is a workhorse, but we can do better with more creativity...