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  • Robert M Robert M Sep 25, 2011 19:51 Flag

    Interesting ...............

    Is it my imagination or was he Liverpool fans player of last season? All of a sudden you're well rid of him?

    Anyway I'm sure you're all delighted to see Torres coming in to form, before his unfortunate accident yesterday.


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    • Well it's true of any player.. If they're with us we sing their praises.. they leave and we're glad to be shot of them

    • I can't speak for anyone else, but I wasn't overly joyed by the news, particuarly the timing and manner in which it occured. Also, we don't fully know all the circumstances yet, as it's been a he said, she said between Raul and Comolli, but Raul said something along the lines of I'll talk about it later. Something must have gone down internally because Kenny used him brilliantly last season, and I don't think that Adam is right for every match ie- Spurs, and until we know what's in Gerrard's tank, Raul and Aquilani represented great value in my opinion.

      In regards to Torres, it really is genius and I think I've only said it a million times, he can't function well with a partner or multipe up front, so ironically the past two matches Chavski have dropped a bit deeper and allowing im to roam up front as he used to and make center backs like Rio, Vidic, Terry etc pee their pants... not rocket science with him, in fact all this time playing him in a 4-3-3 have been blasphemy from a Chelsea fan's point of view, (if there is such a thing). He can't function with David Villa next to him for god's sake!